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As a new year sets in, there are many exciting inkjet printing trends to look forward to.

For those who rely on print fleets to support their success or for those who work in the print industry itself, these trends hold great promise for the future.

Not only are inkjet print options becoming more plentiful and more popular, but their capabilities are also increasing. Now more than ever, it’s possible to get high-quality inkjet prints that look professional, come for an affordable price, and support business goals of pursuing sustainable and innovative solutions.

Of all the office hardware that impacts the environment, printers are likely at the top of the list.

Their constant use of electricity, paper, and ink puts them in a unique category, and it has companies looking closely at their print processes. Especially for wide format solutions, which can use more of all these resources, sustainability is a big priority.

The use of managed print services to monitor energy usage can help drive down consumption. There’s also remanufactured cartridges, which allow companies to use recycled materials, cut back on plastic consumption, and sometimes even increase their ink efficiency.

Especially for wide format inkjet models, which typically print graphics in large sizes, ink usage can be high – so conserving in any way possible is advised, and more companies are looking for ways to reach these worthwhile green printing goals.

The inkjet printing market is massive – and by 2027, it’s estimated to reach revenue of 138.81 billion!

This shows why more people are focusing on using printers to drive revenue of their own. Especially for wide format printing, which can be used in a number of popular advertising functions, managed print solutions are proven to drive revenue.

By working with print specialists and integrating their print fleets with tools like the cloud, companies can access prints digitally to speed up the process of getting what they need. This can also drive efficiency in terms of making prints more affordable while also ensuring they’re of the proper quality.

This inkjet printing trend shows that printing in wide formats is no longer just an occasional or optional process. It’s a must-have move that can make a difference in a company’s revenue and growth.

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Some inkjet printing trends are the result of industry-agnostic business movements, such as the increased push for sustainability and efficiency in today’s economy. But others are evolutions of current inkjet processes and related to the demand from within the print industry.

Consider continuous inkjet printers (CIJ), which offer a steady flow of ink for durable, fast print jobs in complex applications – such as creating large signs, posters, and intricate graphics. But what about short-run and medium-run style print jobs?

Enter thermal inkjet printing (TIJ). It is designed to handle these types of print needs at a lower cost. The process works via a nozzle which creates a small vapor bubble which is heated to generate a pressure pulse and cause a droplet emission. This also creates a pressure change, which pulls the next bit of ink into the chamber, reducing waste.

Given that the flowrate required is much lower, thanks to this adapted approach, the price can be lower as well. Due to this and its high performance, this technique is one of the most popular on the market. It’s particularly handy in the packaging industry.

The last of these inkjet printing trends is a topic that is becoming more prevalent as more inkjet models make their way into the printing industry.

Compatible products are in high demand, as companies want the solutions that are designed to work with one another. These are likely to result in higher quality prints, or at the very least reduce compatibility issues.

Sometimes companies offer discounts when print owners use the manufacturer’s own cartridges. There are also options to buy remanufactured cartridges made with specific standards like ISO or Reach which guarantee compatibility – aligning with print industry sustainability goals.

Managed print services also make it easy to find the right cartridge for the hardware a company has, and to find the cartridge options that will save them money.

Are you looking to take advantage of these inkjet printing trends in 2023? The wide format market offers a wide array of revenue and growth possibilities – work with a managed print partner today to unlock them.

Doing Better Business knows the print industry – we’re experts who partner with some of the best names in the field to offer you high-quality devices that are efficient, sustainable, and reliable. To get the solutions you need for beautiful and revenue-driving prints, contact us today.

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