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Printers make a lot of noises – but can a printer ever actually call out to the owner and say that it needs to be replaced?

Not exactly. While the device may keep pushing on and printing sheets even past its better days, there are certain signs that show an upgrade is vital. Knowing what to look for can help a business owner in many ways.

When a person gets a new printer at the right time, it can result in better print quality, improved functions, superior support, and other perks.

Every printer and print fleet has an expiration date. Though it’s possible to use a printer until it completely stops working, it’s better to upgrade proactively.

Doing so ensures that a person isn’t left without a working print setup, and also allows them to enjoy all the benefits that come with upgrading in a timely fashion.

It’s usually recommended to use manufacturer-approved parts when having a printer serviced or repaired. But what happens when these parts are no longer available?

Maybe the device has been discontinued? Or the entire company has gone out of business?

When this time comes, it’s better to upgrade. Once the printer has survived the production line of its parts or the company that created it, it means finding proper support will be tough.

On the flip side, upgrading to a device that still has active support and manufacturer-recommended parts on the market makes a device easier to maintain.

Looking at prints, does it seem like the text is a little more faded than it once was? Are the results off center? Do colorful production prints not pop off the page like they use to?

Print quality can diminish over time as the parts in the device wear down. But it’s not always just the image quality that can degrade. Sometimes print speed also takes a hit. When this happens, it’s hard to maintain efficiency in workflows.

If repeat repairs and tune-ups have not improved performance, it may be better to simply replace the printer.

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Security is a huge priority in the age of digital transformation – and connected printers are as big a target as anything in a company’s network.

If an organization finds that their fleet is experiencing an influx of cyber attacks or attempted cyber attacks, it may be time to make big changes.

Sometimes this could be simple security improvements – but if the problems persist, it may be necessary to upgrade to a new printer with more modern protective features.

In order to succeed in the present, companies must constantly evolve toward the future. In some ways, this can mean upgrading equipment – including the devices in a print fleet.

Some companies find their current print infrastructure isn’t optimized for 2023. Maybe they need features like mobile printing or improved connectivity to support work across departments or hybrid setups.

A company may also find they need some additional functions, like copying, scanning, and faxing. This could see them trading in their current hardware for a multi-function device so they can add functionality without becoming overloaded with devices.

One of the biggest decisions a company has to make when it comes to acquiring the office hardware they need is whether they should buy or lease.  

For those that choose to lease, they enjoy many benefits like specialized discounts on service, repairs, and supplies. But when the contract ends, they’re faced with a tough decision. Do they keep the hardware, or move on?

Sometimes it may be better to explore other options. Moving on opens a company up to try new and better devices, along with similar contracts that provide the support they need.

Even the best printer may have some downtime every now and then. But what happens when hardware malfunctions or software glitches create constant downtime? 

If it happens on a weekly or even monthly basis, this may be too much to tolerate. The longer the device is down, the more it creates a situation where it’s draining energy, space, and money without providing any return.

If downtime is becoming a constant, it’s crucial to consider getting a new printer, so the print fleet is completely reliable and offers the absolute highest level of uptime possible.

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