Every office relies on a steady stream of supplies to support workflows – but what about the impact of supplies like printer ink and toner?

The choices you make regarding these resources can have a bigger business impact than most people realize. This includes both the brand and type a company uses, as well as how much is consumed for print needs in total.

Printer ink and toner don’t just represent a recurring monetary cost – they also have a notable impact on a company’s environmental footprint. In addition, cartridge of choice can sometimes even impact the lifespan of print hardware.

Here are some tips to make the proper picks when it comes to this vital print resource.

Picking the right cartridge options is crucial for the performance of a print fleet. Here are the most common questions a business owner may ask themselves when making their cartridge selection.

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Printers come in many forms and sizes. But if a person was to start by dividing them into two key categories, it would be inkjet and laser. While there are multiple subcategories within these groups, the dichotomy is important for one key distinction.

Inkjet printers use ink cartridges, typically in black and white, though color is available. Laser printers utilize toner cartridges, which function like a fine powder that’s applied to paper.

After narrowing down which type of cartridge is needed, a business owner can consider whether or not their device has specific requirements for the brand that should be used. This can be found by checking the owner’s manual or consulting the manufacturer.

For those who are leasing devices for their print fleet, there may also be guidelines from the owners on what brand or model of cartridges should be used.

Print load is another factor that influences this conversation. While some companies print a few sheets a day, others may print hundreds. Some may only need standard sheets, while require specialized prints of larger dimensions.

Typically the toner cartridges used in laser printers are better for high-volume jobs that are focused on black and white. If the job calls for large amounts of standard documents, start browsing cartridge websites and comparing the average number of prints to price to determine which is the most efficient option.

Inkjet printers may not excel when it comes to printing massive amounts of black and white text, but they can produce clear photos and graphics. Again, there will be some variance in price. Costs can range from $13-$75 for an ounce of ink, and the size of the cartridge also comes into play. A larger cartridge may not always have more ink, and the same can be said for a more expensive cartridge.

This is where it’s important to crunch numbers. Be sure to compare ink level, cartridge size, and price before making the final decision.

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It’s easy to forget how important a print setup is to a company’s overall productivity. Picking the right printer ink and toner cartridges isn’t just about having the right supplies for the job – it’s about reaching business goals effectively.

For example, say the goal is to cut costs this year. In this case, it may make sense for a company to buy more affordable cartridges if the amount of money they would save would justify a slight dip in ink/toner capacity or print quality. This is especially true since print costs can account for 1-3% of a company’s entire income and raise their expenses substantially.

Sustainability is also a crucial matter when it comes to print fleets. So many companies find their resource usage is up because of an overreliance on printing – or more specifically, because of an inefficient approach to managing print needs.

Printing has a major impact on the environment, so opting for remanufactured cartridges can be a smart move to safeguard the planet and prove a company is concerned about more than just profits.

Finding the right printer ink and toner options is an important decision that every business must make.

By considering the needs of the print fleet, office print processes, and the company’s overall goals, it’s easy to make the right decision and reap the benefits.

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