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Business owners love to work smart, so it’s no wonder that intelligent document processing is one of the top trends forecasted for 2023.

In finding more efficient ways to manage routine and recurring processes, companies find ways to draw more value from their current operations. By using a business technology solution that also saves time and money, they achieve multiplicative returns.

Documents are the building blocks of successful businesses. The more efficiently a company can manage them, the more they stand to benefit – but what is intelligent document processing? Why should you invest in this strategy in the new year?

While digital transformation journeys have been accelerating in all industries for decades, some document processes are lagging behind.

Sure, companies may store some or even all of their information electronically in 2023. But that’s not the same as using business technology solutions to understand documents through digital processes. This is an approach that can take a company closer to their business goals.

Intelligent document processing is not just about storing documents online – it’s about deciphering them, digesting the information, and delivering value that companies have previously missed out on.

Organizations process countless documents in a given period. Everything from memos to emails to contracts contain a wealth of information, and that information is usually unpacked and analyzed manually.

However, automating the process with a system that understands the documents and the value of the information within them can help anyone reach their business goals more efficiently. Data insights about workflow improvements, customer service tips, employee engagement ideas, industry trends, and more can be absorbed from this approach to document management.

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Anyone who’s ever looked into a file cabinet knows that storing information at a busy workplace can be a tiring process. Even file systems online can become cluttered and disorganized because of the sheer volume of information flowing in.

But the right document management solution can analyze information, understand what it is, put it where it belongs, and even retrieve it as needed. This automated method is highly valuable for speeding up the process of finding necessary files and for avoiding data loss.

No one likes to have to open dozens of emails or read countless pages of documents throughout the day. Some team members find this process to be boring, which may lead to employee retention issues, as well as a situation where the full scope of information isn’t leveraged from any given document.

Intelligent document processing solutions make it easy to automate this task. That frees up time for your workers to engage in more meaningful duties. Not only can you leverage more information from your documents, but your workers can show off their skills in ways that they find more fulfilling.

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The great thing about improving a core process like document management is that it empowers other areas of the company by extension. With the ability to leverage more value from documents, improve retrievability of information, and keep the team more engaged, companies have a sure way to scale up.

Rather than worrying about business growth leading to information overload or trouble tracking the uptick of clients, companies can instead look forward to growth and welcome it with excitement. Any company looking to grow in 2023 should consider intelligent document processing.

While compliance closes out the list, it’s often first on the list of obligations that most companies have. With hundreds or thousands of documents coming in per week at some organizations, it’s easy to mishandle sensitive files by accident and face a compliance breach.

But when companies use a refined approach to document management where files are sorted and tracked intelligently, they can ensure sensitive information is treated with the care it deserves. This can also help them maintain a reputation of trust among employees, customers, and shareholders.

Everyone’s heard the old saying – don’t work harder, work smarter. With intelligent document management, companies can do both.

A smarter approach to managing these building blocks of business processes means companies can reap more value from every document that flows in. This lets them gain more from their hard work, putting them in a position to excel in efficiency, employee engagement, compliance, productivity, and growth.

Doing Better Business is an expert when it comes to document management solutions. We’ll help you reap the benefits of intelligent document processing so you can leverage your files for their full value and reach your business goals in the process. Contact us today for more information.

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