With the addition of the team from Rocco & Strain, a Pittsburgh Firm with over 36 years in the Technical Drawing Printing & Scanning Market, DBB is now poised to provide the full breadth and scope of wide and large format printing and scanning to our clients.

Wide format printing puts directly into your hands the power to print unique projects that dazzle consumers and clients. With DBB as your trusted partner, we’ll help you unlock that potential.

You’ll choose from a diverse line of leading-edge wide and large format solutions designed for speed, flexibility, and unsurpassed quality – with either ink-jet or LED toner printing and high, precise resolution scanning – all with full color capabilities. We’ll help you keep it running so that you can maximize and grow your business.

When Bigger Really Is Better

Wide format printers, also sometimes called large format printers, represent some of the most powerful devices in the printing industry. They redefine printing by increasing the size of paper that you can print. With wide format printing, you’ll gain the ability to unbridle your creativity. We’ll help you select a large format printer or plotter which can handle your biggest creative visions, turning them into reality with a few clicks of the mouse. Consider a wide format printer if you frequently print:

Our Partnerships Help You Make an Impression

We work with an array of reputable manufacturers with a proven track record in delivering excellence. Our partnerships are hand-selected to ensure you get only the best. You’ll enjoy a top-of-the-line wide format printer from one of:

When You Choose Doing Better Business, You Choose Excellence

Why choose to do better business with us? We’re a women-owned, independent business dating back to 1973. We have experience supporting company success through the best selection of office and printing equipment. Since 2008, we’ve earned the title as one of the best independent dealers in the country by going beyond simply closing sales. Our specialists demonstrate a deep knowledge of products and industry to make sure you get exactly what you need. We’ll not only help you choose the best but support you in delivering it through ongoing support to optimize your workflow.

Do Better Business with Us Today

Say goodbye to flyers printed on computer paper. Instead, deliver professional quality print jobs at novel sizes to make visual displays pop. A wide format printer is a powerful addition to marketing and business operations. You’ll make your campaigns more effective, optimize your print quality, and create eye-catching displays that will attract more customers and increase your sales.

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