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The need to be visible to consumers and to provide visible signage regarding health and safety is even more critical in 2022 as the pandemic continues to disrupt business. Companies must differentiate and stand out from the competition, and signage is still the premier way to accomplish this. In fact, the market for wide format printing is predicted to grow to $8.42 billion by 2022, with advertising being the major driver for this expansive growth.

The love affair with wide format printers is perpetrated by this technology’s ability to bring high visibility to a brand through indoor and outdoor signage, brand emblems, shop branding, and even signage that clearly delineated various health and safety rules in place. What’s particularly important is the ability of business owners to quickly produce or change highly visible signage in response to evolving policies to keep consumers feeling secure in their shopping experience.

Having access to wide format printing in-house puts visibility within reach of even small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The ability to print large banners, wall decals, floor stickers, and other highly visible signage can attract attention and lead consumers to your door. Here are some examples of ways a wide format printer can benefit your business:


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Consumers want a personalized experience when shopping and brand success is more assured when companies spend time building personal relationships with potential customers. Part of winning at the customer loyalty game is helping shoppers feel safer and more secure at your place of business. Large format signage can help by swiftly and clearly conveying appropriate health and safety rules followed by your place of business. This type of signage can also make it easier for guests to access convenience features such as curbside shopping pick-up, drive-through shopping options, and more.


Building awareness of your brand is more important than ever to staying ahead of your competitors in our highly competitive post-COVID environment. Using both internal and external communications such as branded signage, customer testimonials on easily read poster-sized signs, and other marketing tools can be a great way to bring your brand to the forefront. Wide format printers can handle a variety of media, so you can brand everything from outdoor-safe vinyl banners to indoor signs and tri-fold displays for maximum impact.

Importantly, having access to a wide format printer in-house means you retain ultimate control over your branding efforts, assuring that colors and artwork are consistent on all marketing communications for additional influence.

Cost Effective Marketing

Signage is a constant reminder to the public about your business. Especially if they are prominently displayed outdoors or in a storefront, signs are working for you around the clock, all year long. Investing in the technology that will help you create high-quality, expertly branded signage will help attract customers in a way that helps you get the most return on your marketing investment. And, placing large format signage where it can be seen by passersby can help alert potential customers to sales and special offers, helping you to generate excitement — and revenue — in a simple and passive way.

Doing Better Business Has the Best Wide Format Printers

A wide format printer is a smart investment for any business that needs a cost-effective way to generate interest and sales. With high-quality, brilliant color and the ability to print stunning images on a wide variety of substrates, our selection of wide format printers can help you take your marketing to the next level — and put your business out in front of the competition.

We only stock printers from leaders in the wide format print and imaging industry — HP and Ricoh — to give you access to the most tech-forward printers available. Choose from roll-fed, flatbed, laser, and inkjet models, depending on your needs and goals. Need help deciding? Our team of experts with deep industry knowledge can help you decide which wide format choice will best serve your purposes.

Take advantage of the marketing impact of an in-house wide format printer. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and discover how our wide selection of leading wide format product can make a positive impact on your marketing strategy.

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