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Sometimes the most vital equipment in a construction firm isn’t a worksite machine, but rather a wide format printer.

Every creation starts as a blueprint. Schematics, plans, posters, and the like are all common in the construction field. Since construction printing is more demanding than printing in other fields, it’s natural they need advanced hardware.

Just like construction technology has advanced in the field, it’s advanced in the office – and knowing how to pick the right wide format printer can help any construction firm improve operations.

There are many wide format printer options out there, so it can be tempting to just pick the one that’s newest, or most highly rated, or even most expensive.

Of course brand names, reviews, and price don’t always translate to value for an organization. The optimal print fleet is built around a company’s specific needs. For any construction company of any size or specialization, there are a few questions to ask when picking a printer.

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The right type of printer can create gorgeous glossy designs for posters, showing building concepts in great detail before a brick is laid. They can print wide blueprints that detail towering building frames, vast underground pipe systems, or other massive creations in the civil or commercial construction field.

Printing isn’t always just about generating a few large prints. The unit also needs to be capable of the appropriate volume, especially if it’s doubling as a standard printer. How many sheets need to be printed in the average workday? The printer a company picks must meet or exceed this total.

It should be mentioned that quality and speed are two factors that must be balanced when it comes to construction printing needs.

Just like the creations a company builds must have proper equilibrium with all necessary points supported, the same is true when building a proper print fleet.

Companies should ensure they aren’t so concerned about printing quickly that their quality dips. On the flip side, they shouldn’t be so obsessed with perfection that they bottleneck their output. The right printer will provide a mix of both, with flexibility between these two aims.

Beyond just what specific types of prints are needed and in what quantity, construction-wide format printers can be equipped with a number of helpful bonus features. These include:

  • Advanced color options for greater pallet diversity and image detail
  • Features like copying/faxing/scanning for greater device versatility
  • Wireless connectivity to support greater accessibility and collaboration
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Construction printing may be unique, but these types of functions can provide value to organizations of any size, while also giving them greater profit and growth potential.

As mentioned, many companies pick their equipment based on brand names, ratings, and public opinion. While these shouldn’t take priority over a company’s specific needs, they can be useful in determining whether a purchase will provide long-term value.

Managed print hardware and software is designed to help a company grow and thrive. Because of this, it’s important to ensure that they come from trusted companies with industry specializations and a track record of value.

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It’s easy to become overwhelmed or reach a point of indecision given the vast amount of variety in the print market. The solution to this can be leasing rather than buying.

Leasing allows companies to try out equipment and keep it only for the duration they may need it. This is highly valuable for specific projects, or for situations where a company may want to be able to upgrade to newer models.

Buying can still be a viable option and is best suited for situations where companies know their construction print needs and want more freedom in terms of how to use and service a device.

Every construction professional knows that while construction technology and equipment is important, it’s only part of the job.

There’s no substitute for having the right people around. Those who understand the field and who are passionate about a company’s specific goals are the type of partners who can drive value – together.

The same is true when a company is in the market for managed print services based around wide format solutions. Don’t just look for a device. Look for a support system in the form of a trusted provider.

Doing Better Business offers wide format solutions tailored to the complex needs of construction companies. Our skilled team can help anyone pick the right printer, get full value from it, and learn answers to any questions – for more information, contact us today.

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