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There are some expenses a business will always have – print costs are a prime example.

But every skilled business owner knows that the path to success lies in focusing on what’s within your control.

While print costs are constant, they can be managed. The right approach makes it possible to reduce this expense to a consistent and efficient level. This way all print spend goes toward driving ROI, with as little money wasted as possible.

The first and most obvious way to reduce print expenses is to minimize the use of the device altogether. But in a busy workplace where multiple print jobs are demanded daily, how can one cut back on usage?

One easy solution is to eliminate personal usage. It’s tempting to allow anyone at the office to print anything they need, but these costs will add up fast. Reserve the printer for office use. Also make sure the printer is treated with patience. Clicking the print button multiple times may not speed up the device, but it could end up creating duplicates.

When a printer isn’t in use, consider putting it in sleep mode. This is especially valuable in print fleets with multiple devices. Remember that saving energy is just as important as saving supplies like ink and paper.

Print expenses vary depending on what needs to be printed. Since color ink is usually more expensive, consider printing as much as possible in black and white. It’s also worth it to read the reviews of ink and see if one brand is known to last longer.

It’s wise to decrease the margins on paper prior to printing. This allows for more text on the paper so less paper is used overall. This move helps with both cost savings and sustainability. Speaking of cutting back on paper use, use double-sided printing if a device offers this option.

Finally, be selective with fonts. Some fonts are proven to consume more ink and take up more paper space than others. If a print job doesn’t call for a resource-hungry font, there’s no need to use one.

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Many of today’s top printers have multiple functions. Since multifunction devices can do much more than print out sheets, there’s potential cost savings to be had with these options.

For example, rather than making a paper copy of a sheet, consider scanning it and creating a digital copy like a PDF. Scanning to email or to the cloud is another wise option that creates virtual copies. Not only do they save resources, but they help the office to avoid clutter from paper overload.

These strategies can also improve information accessibility in busy offices with multiple departments, and provide the same benefit in remote or hybrid work situations. Sometimes a print routine is also handy – making the printer available at certain times and requiring certain use habits may reduce print expenses. Speaking of…

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All the above tips are valuable and proven in practice – but they won’t make a dent in print expenditures if only one person in the office follows them.

Since the print fleet is something everyone in the office will use, educate employees on proper practices. This can include everything from tips on how to print, insights on how long the devices may take, and guides on what is or isn’t allowed to be printed at work.

Managed print partners can also be part of the effort. These experts understand print fleets, printer costs, and the processes that reduce expenses while still maintaining print efficiency. This is especially helpful for growing companies that don’t want to hire in-house print experts and would rather outsource the task.

Printing is still one of the workplace’s most common processes. Investing in a smarter way to manage it is a proven way to save money and see a greater return on print spend.

Even if a company’s print fleet runs fine, there’s always a good chance there are costs to be cut if one looks close enough. It’s why more companies are turning to our skilled team for managed print services.

Whether you need top-quality printers or managed services to make your fleet more efficient, choose Doing Better Business as your print partner. We help companies do better with managing print expenses and making their fleet a revenue generator. Contact us today.

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