Despite the recent downtick in COVID-19 cases, companies and organizations in the United States are still looking to remote work and learning opportunities to keep business humming as usual. In fact, a recent survey by Upwork shows that one in every 4 Americans will be working from a remote location in 2021.

Schools are following suit, with many continuing to offer remote learning curricula into the coming fall — and beyond. And, medical professionals are increasingly adopting telehealth strategies to help patients cope with illness without risking an in-person visit to the doctor’s office.

While this diverse landscape of remote choices is a good thing for employees, students, and even consumers, it can make it difficult for organizations to get their teams on the same page in terms of communication.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue with innovative interactive display boards that revolutionize communication and help connect people productively, regardless of their geographic location.

Choosing a Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Display to Revolutionize Communications for Your Business

Whether you want to bring your business team together for a brainstorming session, train employees on new guidelines, help students learn faster, or magnify your presence with customers, a Ricoh IFPD can provide endless possibilities.

With a number of models and features to choose from, the Ricoh IFPD provides a way for even the smallest of businesses to gain the leverage and power an interactive display can offer. From better collaboration and enriched learning experiences to a more personal low-contact customer experience, these boards are built to revolutionize the way business communicate internally and with the customers they serve.

  1. Choose Your Size

From a petite 32” screen to panels over 85” in screen size, there is an option for every application — and every budget.

  1. Touch Styles

Using an interactive display board is simple with intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen features. Depending on the model, the touch style technology ranges from capacitive, to in-glass, to infrared. Some models even include a wireless touch pen to make collaboration even easier.

  1. Display, Write, and Share

Even without access to a desktop PC, these boards have an overlay mode that allows users to write directly on notes, videos, documents and more — anything you want to share via the board.

  1. Exceptional Connectivity

Wireless functionality is a given — especially since you will be connecting to remote colleagues or customers. With one touch, your device — smartphone, tablet, PC — will download an app to allow the board to send images to the monitor without conversion adapters or wires.

  1. Brilliant, High-Definition Quality

Models support anywhere from Brilliant High Definition (1,920 x 1,080) to 4k Ultra HD images to capture precise details and fine textures to encourage fast, accurate communication of ideas, materials, images, and more. A built-in stereo audio system completes the package for full-spectrum communication.

Depending on the model, you can use these boards up to 16 hours per day for reliable performance you can count upon.

Ricoh provides models for every environment and budget, with additional software and features that can be added to expand the versatility and utility of the board as your needs or business grows.

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Let Doing Better Business Help Your Business Communicate Better

At Doing Better Business (DBB), we understand the challenges and roadblocks faced by our business clients as they continue to navigate the changes wrought by the ongoing pandemic.

To help all our clients — from education and healthcare to legal, finance, and commercial businesses — serve their customer bases better, we have partnered with industry leader Ricoh to bring you access to the Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Displays.

Whether you want to get more productive with your remote team or simply amplify the noncontact services you can provide for customers near and far, we can help you select the right Ricoh IFPD for your needs — and your budget.

Don’t let the trend toward remote work and service catch you unaware. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and learn how the Ricoh Interactive Flat Panel Display can help you keep business running smoothly — wherever you are located.

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