Not even COVID-19 will be able to derail your business when you work with our experts at DBB.  From Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanners to help you get people back into the public safely to state of the art Visual Communication Systems helping you work remotely, DBB has the safest and most secure technology from best in class partners.

Doing Better Business Helps You GoSafely

GoSafe Body Temperature and Facial Recognition Scanners make it safe and easy to get back to living, educating and working.

Tools to Work Effectively from Home


Doing Better Business Redefines Visual Communication

With Ricoh and Sharp products, we’re set to guide you towards the best selection for your home, lecture hall or office. We’ll help you redefine visual communication to gain benefits such as:

Revolutionize Meetings with Ricoh Visual Communication Tools

Get real-time interactive audio and video communication with multiple locations via the internet. Ricoh’s visual communication system frees you from the constraints of location and environment imposed by conventional video conferencing systems, or the need for special knowledge required by web conferencing systems. Its intuitive interface means that you’ll be up and running in no time, while your clients will need no additional training to be able to join you in digital collaboration.

Inspire Involvement with the Sharp AQUOS BOARD™

The new Sharp AQUOS BOARD™ interactive display systems are designed for smooth and effortless communication in a wide range of contexts. Their highly responsive touch pens allow up to four people to write on the same screen at the same time with up to ten touch points. Likewise, your audience can follow along on their own devices in real time or enjoy the spectacular image quality from up to fifty feet away.

Video Displays Redefine Communication

Do you need better video conferencing experience? Digital signage? Large format displays for hospitality or stadiums? You will find all that and more with the Sharp’s lineup of commercial LCD displays and kiosks. Thin and lightweight, these displays mount easily, making installation a breeze. The PN series offers the choice of portrait and/or landscape installation to suit a variety of content and applications. A well-placed Sharp display redefines the way you communicate with your customers.


Why Choose Doing Better Business?

At Doing Better Business, we love what we do. That directly translates to a passion for helping you find the best tools and strategies to transform your business into a success story. When you work with us, you’re benefiting from:

Do Better Business by Making Safe, Strong and Secure Impressions

At Doing Better Business, we take pride in delivering not only superior products but a superior experience with ongoing support to drive you to success. We have all the tools for you to impress your clients with your technology expertise and concern for their safety and security.

Contact our experts today to help you evaluate exactly what you need to not only operate your business but to impress and attract new clients.

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