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This is an easy question to answer. Absolutely not!

We send emails upon the completion of every service call which includes a link to fill out our survey.

The most important reason we send this email is for you to understand we believe the service issue has been corrected. In the unlikely event that we have not resolved your issue, this email is a trigger for you to say “Whoa, this call is not closed and we need our issue resolved.”

The same is true when you receive the email saying you should have received your toner, staples, or other supplies you may have ordered. There is also a link to our survey but again, the most important component of this email is the trigger for you to be able to say “No, I did not receive it.”

We love when our customers take the time to fill out the survey but it is absolutely not required.

We have received great suggestions, which have helped us improve our level of service. We have also received tremendous positive feedback regarding our team, which has allowed us the opportunity to reward them. All of this helps us truly deliver customer service excellence.

We understand your time is precious and we really only expect to hear from you if we did a very poor job or if we did a really great job. There is no harm in just deleting that email if everything is status quo.

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