In the moment, you never really know the impact you can have on people by what you may think is a simple or small gesture of kindness.

I recently ran into a longtime client, also a friend, who I hadn’t seen in probably three years.   It was great to catch up and as people at the party came over to talk to us, we got to trying to figure out how long we have known each other.   We were amazed to realize it has been almost 28 years. 

The most incredible moment of the evening was when his adult son came over to talk to us.   I was so surprised that his son knew who I was and then they shared with me how much a simple gesture on my part had meant to them and their family.   

They had suffered the terrible loss of his wife and his son’s mother.  He wanted a special program printed for a funeral and it was too much for his office printer to handle.  His office manager called and asked if we could print it our office and of course, I said yes.   I didn’t even think twice about this, as it was something simple I could do in a moment where you feel like you can’t do anything to help. 

I was amazed at the impact this had on them.  He said he knew at that moment that we were more than just his copier company and that we cared about him and his family. 

It is moments like this that make you really think and evaluate how you treat others.   I imagine that the reverse is just as true and I would rather have more moments like this than the reverse.

I know I want to remember this and will continue to share stories like this with my entire team because I don’t ever want us to be rigid rule followers. 

We have worked hard to empower everyone at DBB to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy.   


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