We have received reports that many of our customers are receiving telemarketing phone calls asking to confirm your equipment make, model, ID tags and contact person. This is a scam! No one from Doing Better Business will ever call you for this type of information. Because over 97% of our customers have toner covered at no additional charge in their annual service agreement, we do not telemarket to solicit supply sales.

Telemarketing Fraud has been going on for over 40 years.   The terms toner phoners and toner pirates are well known in this industry.  Google them and you will find tons of information.

How are they getting away with this?  

They will typically call your organization twice within the same month.  The first time they will find out who services your equipment, the make(s) and model(s) and also who is in charge of purchasing.   Once they have this information, it is very easy to set up the next call. 

The second call is where they misrepresent themselves as someone calling from DBB. 

Now it’s simple.  They have your name, they know your equipment and they’ve got a great story about a sale about to end.  They make it sound compelling and urgent.  It is very easy to fall victim to this scam.

Eventually, you receive a toner shipment accompanied by an inflated invoice far beyond what any company would normally pay for toner.  This is even worse when you consider you probably have toner included in your maintenance agreement. 

One way to prevent this is to make your entire staff aware that you do not pay any additional money for toner.

Our goal at Doing Better Business is to make you feel a part of our DBB Family and therefore, we have a strict policy not to use telemarketers to solicit supplies sales over the phone.

Our team is dedicated to working with you one-on-one, in person.  If someone is attempting to “phone sell” toner, set sail! It’s a PIRATE!

Another way to prevent this, always confirm you are really speaking with a representative of Doing Better Business by simply telling the person you will call us back.  

If this is met with rude behavior, hang up, it is not really someone from DBB!

Your success is our passion and we are here to help.  If a “hawker”, “pirate”, or “toner phoner” calls, please contact us immediately.  

If you fall victim and receive a shipment of toner, refuse the shipment and contact the Business Technology Association at (800) 869-6688 immediately.  They will be able to provide guidance and advice on reporting the incident to the proper authorities.

As members of the BTA, we closely adhere to their principles of service and integrity within the industry. 

Let’s end piracy and stop phony toner phoners!

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