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Of all the office hardware that’s critical to the business world in late 2022, arguably no device is more influential than the multifunction printer.

Printers have long functioned as cornerstones for business work environments. As the needs of businesses have advanced, so too have these devices. Multifunction devices now support a number of crucial work processes. What’s more, they can be selected based on a company’s unique needs.

Given this, it’s valuable for companies to take a closer look at their requirements. What qualities and specs should a printer have? Can picking the perfect fit help a company run more efficiently, and drive more value?

Even if a company is in the process of choosing a multifunction printer, printing may not be the only function they need.

Others include copying, scanning, and faxing. Don’t forget wide format print options for non-traditional print needs. Companies can consider the processes they rely on the most, and then pick devices to suit all their requirements.

The advantage here is that fewer devices means less to worry about. One device in a fleet as opposed to three or four can cut down the amount of supplies needed, the number of possible security openings, and the cumulative energy footprint.

Future-minded companies may consider buying based off functions they may need in the future as their company grows. The great thing about multifunction devices is that they grow with companies, providing the array of capabilities for both today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

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For each function a device provides, there are a number of individual questions about it. These have to do with the overall power of the unit in any given application.

For example, start with printing. What’s the print speed of the unit? This calculation is crucial for determining whether a device can keep up with the typical daily output of a business. It’s particularly crucial in time-sensitive environments like the legal and finance industries. Paper capacity also plays a role in this matter.

Making decisions regarding productive capabilities comes down to where the device will be used. For example, your typical home office or startup could probably get by with a lower output capacity than a major enterprise would need.

Other common questions to consider include whether the device should create results in monochrome or color. There’s also the choice of inkjet vs. laser and ink vs. toner. Some people have their own preferences on these, while others may choose purely based on the needs of their company or industry.

Finally, determine whether the device should be equipped for online use. Most modern multifunction devices are, but some have more functions including built-in security and Bluetooth compatibility for added efficiency in workflows.

Many business owners worry that even if they make future-minded decisions, the unpredictability of the business world could leave them with a device that’s not optimal. What’s the solution?

Sometimes a company’s print needs may change due to business growth, economic obstacles, or restructuring. In this case, the owner may worry about investing resources in a multifunction device for the long term.

Leasing is a handy option that helps company owners try out equipment and test it without as big of a financial commitment. It’s especially helpful for home office setups and work arrangements that are subject to change.

For major companies with a good idea of their print needs and a desire to recoup their investment over long periods of time, buying can prove to be a superior option.

The topic of buying vs. leasing ties directly into the supplementary components that sustain a print fleet. Supplies and maintenance are crucial for keeping devices working at optimal levels and fueling business growth. Support is also handy for setting up, troubleshooting, or even disconnecting devices.

Sometimes purchasing a device provides more freedom in how to have it serviced and repaired. Lease agreements typically provide specific terms on how the device (which is property of the lessor) can be worked on. Managed print services are valuable no matter the type of contract or device, as they allow companies to outsource their service and support needs to print fleet experts.

If you want to pick the best multifunction printer, Doing Better Business has you covered. We provide access to devices with a variety of capabilities so you get the perfect fit. Not only is our technology top notch, but we’re committed to providing you with the best experience and support. Contact us today.

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