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As the global large format printer market is poised to expand by 3.2% CAGR from 2021-2026, more companies are taking advantage of the huge range of options this printer can bring to enterprises, both large and small.

For companies looking to generate marketing collateral in-house; keep abreast of changes in health and safety guidelines by having the convenience to produce signage on-the-spot; and gain control and visibility over print jobs, a wide format inkjet printer is a good tool to have.

Inkjet printers provide sharp, crisp, high-definition color for attention-getting output with a lower up-front cost. When you couple that benefit with a wide format design that can produce large-size output on a variety of media without losing print quality, you have a high-powered technology that can support all your marketing needs.

Making Your Choice Based on Your Specific Business Needs

Congratulations! You have decided to move some — or all — of your printing in-house. This is a smart move in today’s volatile marketplace, since you will have more control over the timeliness and accuracy of print jobs, plus you will be able to more closely monitor costs associated with each job.

Now, all you need is the right wide format inkjet printer for your specific business needs and applications. Before you jump into action, take a moment to review these five factors that may affect your final decision.

  1. Why Do You Need Your Printer?

Your first consideration is also the most basic: What will you be using your new wide format inkjet printer to print? Choices range from vehicle wraps, signs and banners, and retail displays to textile printing, magnetic signage, tradeshow collateral, and more.

Once you’ve fine-tuned your needs, choose a printer that will work with the proper media. For example, window clings and vehicle wraps demand a printer that can work with vinyl.

  1. Do You Have the Need for Speed?

Various models have different operational efficiencies. If you will tackle a high volume of work or will be handling many rush jobs, you want equipment that can keep pace. If you only need the printer for smaller, in-house jobs then you can afford to go with a less heavy-duty option.

  1. Think Before You Ink

Again, the type of ink your printer must be able to use will go hand-in-hand with the type of media you will be using. For example, solvent ink is perfect for vinyl-based projects like vehicle wraps and banners while aqueous ink is perfect for indoor materials such as marketing collateral, fine art, and retail signage.

  1. Consider Usability and Space Requirements

Most wide format inkjet printers have touchscreen interfaces — but that doesn’t mean they are easy to learn to use. Take time to examine the interface before purchase to avoid learning-curve slowdowns in the production room.

Also consider the size of the printer with your current floorspace, and ensure your production team is ready and willing to handle oversized and potentially heavy rolls of print material.

  1. Plan for Expansion

Your wide format printer is a solid investment. Ensure it has all the features you currently need — and some that will help your business move easily into higher gear in the event of future growth.

Doing Better Business Has the Best Wide Format Inkjet Printer for Your Business

Whether you are a print company looking to expand your service range or a company seeking to bring your printing tasks in-house for better control and savings, we have the best wide format inkjet printer for your business.

Our strong relationships with industry leaders like Sharp, HP, and Ricoh allow us to provide the widest range of leading-edge print technology. Doing Better Business (DBB) puts this selection of wide format print solutions at your fingertips — from high-speed models for a production-heavy environment to entry-level machines for the smaller business, and even models with an environmentally-friendly profile.

Bring your wide format print jobs in-house this year for savings, control, and flexibility. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and get a closer look at our superior selection of wide format inkjet printers.

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