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More than ever, businesses are moving toward a digital-centric work model to take advantage of the many benefits offered by the digital transformation process. And today’s markets offer the perfect time to make the switch, with new revenue opportunities appearing through the type of broader engagements that support transformation. Strategies like managed print services (MPS) bring digital transitions into focus for both small and large enterprises by targeting sustainability initiatives alongside cost and risk benefits.

This article will examine how MPS can act as a digital enabler to help companies reach higher levels of productivity and increased revenue.

Let MPS Boost Your Business Processes for Bigger Profits

There is no escaping the switch to digital. With 20% of all businesses worldwide investing in creating digital departments to focus on using data, software, artificial intelligence (AI) and other strategies that create efficiencies, the emphasis on a transformative environment will only escalate through the coming years.

One strategy that is available to all companies, regardless of size, is the application of managed print services (MPS) to the office environment. 

  1. Making Alliances

Companies looking to emphasize transformation by investing in transformative technologies will expect providers of MPS to offer end-to-end expertise, strong alliances with industry leaders, and both data assets and software that can increase return on investment and time-to-value. 

  1. Courting Sustainability 

Today’s consumer — and even today’s employees — are looking for companies that practice social, environmental, and corporate responsibility. As social and environmental issues continue to make headlines, the necessity for businesses to focus on sustainability initiatives becomes even clearer and more critical to bottom lines.

Applying MPS to your print infrastructure allows your business to participate in waste — and cost — reduction automatically, without having to hire staff to support the initiative. Managed print software can analyze usage data to detect — and correct — print waste so your company can reduce paper reliance and minimize the use of inks and toners. Many MPS providers also supply high-quality remanufactured ink and toner cartridges to further boost your sustainability profile. 

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  1. Supporting the Hybrid Workplace

The hybrid work environment — a mix of in-house workers and remote employees — is the future of business. Fully outsourced managed print services allow businesses to provide printers and supplies for their remote teams to reduce shadow IT purchasing and retain control over devices and the data shared across them.

  1. Addressing Compliance and Security Risks

An uptick in cyberattacks coinciding with an increase in remote workers has more businesses evaluating the way their data is protected. And this protection is critical, considering one in six businesses reported that an attack threatened their company’s financial security.

Office printers are a notorious weak link in the data chain, exposing sensitive or proprietary information to possible theft of loss. MPS helps protect these endpoints with a series of security protocols that provide end-to-end protection for your print lifecycle — from the time the document enters the print queue till it lands in the output tray. Importantly, these protocols are backed by an automated remote monitoring system that scan for, detects, and halts suspicious activities to keep your data safer.

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Let Doing Better Business Help Your Business Transform with MPS

Digital transformation doesn’t happen overnight. And for some businesses, especially those without an in-house IT department, the process seems endlessly complex. At Doing Better Business (DBB), we make it easy for our business clients to gain access to managed print technologies that can jumpstart your transformation, save you money, and help your work more productively toward higher profits.

Our team of MPS experts can assess your current print infrastructure, make suggestions that address weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and create a custom designed MPS plan to help you get your transformation off the ground. After that, we stand with you to keep your print environment up to date, fully maintained and serviced, and functioning at a high level of performance.

Take the next step in your digital transformation. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and discover the benefits our Managed Print Services program has for your business.

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