Any business that uses their printers on a regular basis may inevitably face printer downtime.

Devices like printers, copiers, scanners, and MFPs can be used for dozens or even hundreds of tasks throughout any given workday. But all this use can add up quickly, and take its toll.

When a company experiences a breakdown of any device in their print fleet, it can bring processes to a crawl and even put the business behind schedule.

Is it possible to prevent downtime altogether? Sometimes – and at the very least, there’s a guaranteed way to greatly reduce it. Regular printer maintenance can make all the difference in keeping a fleet operating consistently.

No matter the make or model of a printer, it’s a machine that can get hot, broken, glitched, or slowed. The following are key steps for preventing damage to these devices. Remember – a printer that’s properly cared for is more likely to work properly for a longer period of time.

Though their function is common, printers can have very specific setup procedures. These can include calibration of components, printing of test sheets, adjustment of ink settings, and selection of network preferences.

Proper setup represents the foundation of a successful print fleet. Managed print services are handy for making sure this initial step is managed properly so the fleet is on the right track. When the equipment is set up correctly from the beginning, the chance of errors is greatly reduced.

Every printer is different, both in terms of its output capabilities and its supporting functions. While busy businesses may be eager to get their printers turned on and get the sheets flying out, it’s wise to read the manual and study it before using the device.

This step is also a team effort. Companies should ensure that anyone using the printer knows how it works. Consider making a cloud file or central document that everyone can reference regarding usage rules, best practices, and servicing requirements.

Speaking of servicing, printers are just like any other machine in that they require maintenance. They contain many moving parts that accrue wear over time. Regularly cleaning the printer is a sure way to stop it from breaking down and to prevent the quality of prints from diminishing.

Managed print services are also valuable here, as expert technicians usually have these workflows down to a science. They know how to clean and check the device, as well as how to perform any maintenance or part replacements so that printer downtime can be avoided.

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Unexpected printer downtime is easier to avoid than ever in the digital age. This is because the connected nature of these devices allows them to send alerts to owners regarding upcoming maintenance needs, potential malfunctions, questionable use patterns, and more.

Connected devices are much easier to secure, as company owners can detect any attempt to access them both within and outside of the organization. Connectivity also allows device owners to regularly update drivers, install security patches, track ink/paper usage, and more. It helps companies thwart the year’s top cybersecurity threats and ensure their printers don’t become weak points in their networks.

With so many products, people, and procedures to manage, some companies let their printer maintenance go. They delay hiring managed print specialists, and ultimately end up with printer downtime. What are some reasons to prioritize the management of your print fleet?

  • Better Performance: Printers that are set up properly, updated regularly, and serviced on schedule will perform better, resulting in higher-quality prints and higher overall output volumes.
  • Smoother Workflows: If one employee can save a minute or two at the printer, imagine how much time can be saved over the course of a year. When the print fleet runs smoother, the business runs smoother.
  • Improved Cost Savings: Not only are printer repairs costly, but the downtime they cause can lead to lost revenue. Proper maintenance to avoid printer downtime is a proven money saver, and can put a company in a much better place financially.
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You may not be able to print money, but the right print setup can definitely help any company find or make more money.

Every company should have a print fleet they can depend on. When it comes to setup, servicing, and seamless management of print setups, no one does it better than us. Do better with your print management in 2023 to avoid printer downtime and save money in the process.

Doing Better Business is the print expert that provides hardware, support, and maintenance – you’ll be able to avoid device downtime and turn your print fleet into a revenue generator. Contact us to learn more today.

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