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A new year has begun, and it’s the perfect chance for businesses to reassess – specifically, to take a closer look at their print infrastructure.

It’s common for companies to create new goals for the year. These professional resolutions take more than a strong will and good intentions to accomplish. They also require the proper equipment.

The business world is changing thanks to a variety of factors. These include digital transformation, evolving customer expectations, and new ways to work. It’s helpful for any business owner to take a close look at their print setup, and assess whether it’s ready for the year ahead.

Even as processes and entire companies go digital, a solid print fleet is a huge asset.

Printing processes are important for document management matters like contract processing, file storage, paper backups of important information, and more.

A company’s print fleet may be used by several people, several departments, or even several different facilities within the same organization. There’s also the fact that employees may be working from various locations and accessing the printer remotely.

The optimal print setup empowers companies to work smoothly, manage their information, and even scale up. But the demands of print infrastructure are changing as 2023 takes hold.

Every company’s needs are different based on their industry, tasks, and goals. However, there are a few key components that go into making a print setup that supports the business.

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Printers come in many forms. Some handle only the function of their namesake. Others can scan, copy, and fax. Some companies find it better to keep their device use to a minimum, and instead invest in multifunction products.

Some print hardware is designed for wide format use, to produce larger creations like posters and blueprints. Production printers are another specialized device, usually dedicated to creating photos, magazines, and other similar media.

Companies should choose hardware based off their specific needs. For example, a smaller business may want compact devices. A company that’s poised to grow may want devices with more functions.

It should also be noted that print infrastructure ties into a company’s other hardware – so it should be set up to smoothly integrate with computers, laptops, servers, and of course, networking hardware.

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This ties into the second aspect of print infrastructure. Software is crucial for making sure smart printers provide the results business owners want. It’s this aspect that truly separates modern printers from devices of past decades.

Many managed print setups use custom software programs to manage device usage. One of the main qualities they provide is transparency. In an age where many people may access a device from different locations, it helps to be able to monitor usage.

Software can track supply usage, alerting users when to order new ink and paper. It’s the perfect way to run a sustainable print fleet, since this is a goal that more companies are focusing on in 2023. Companies can have what they need on hand, without consuming too many supplies and overspending.

Software alerts can also be used to warn users about security threats – after all, any printer connected to a network can be a target for data thieves.

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Speaking of security concerns, compliance is one of the top issues print fleet managers should be concerned with. It’s why owners seek managed print services from partners who understand the challenges of their field.

Since printers and multifunction devices are document management tools, as well as gateways to networks and other devices, they must be monitored for security threats. Regular software patches can be applied to guard against new risks and to manage updated compliance requirements.

Maintenance is also important for print fleets. Since these devices see so much use, it’s possible for them to break down if they aren’t serviced on time. In a busy office environment, it’s easy for even the most attentive professionals to overlook the needs of their print infrastructure.

Just like cars, printers and office hardware can now be set up to alert and remind users when cleaning, servicing, and repairs are needed. This way downtime is kept to a minimum, and sometimes can even be eliminated entirely.

A company’s print infrastructure can support countless workflows, safeguard data, and even support business growth in the next 12 months – but that’s only if it’s optimized properly.

The best way to keep any print setup affordable, efficient, and geared toward ROI is to work with a managed print partner. Doing Better Business is a print expert – we cover hardware, software, security/compliance needs, and sustainability efforts. Contact us today to learn more.

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