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Experts predict that the remote work is no longer a trend. With up to a quarter of all remote jobs becoming permanent by the end of 2022 and work from home opportunities increasing into the following year, employees are getting used to the new freedom that often accompanies working from home. Lack of a lengthy commute, less money spent on business attire, and a new level of flexibility are strong points. And companies that choose a remote workforce see lowered real estate or rent costs and even increased productivity.

However, in order to keep business moving forward, companies that employ a hybrid or remote staff must ensure that their work force has the right technology and tools to be communicative, collaborative, and productive. To help you increase the benefits offered by a remote workforce, we’ve put together a list of the work from home essentials every remote worker needs.

Office Equipment Essentials to Amplify Remote Productivity

Creating a work from home staff takes a great deal of thought and planning, from how to handle task assignments and communication to collaboration strategies and even how to measure performance. However, one crucial part of the mix is investing in the right office equipment and technology to ensure remote staff remains productive and responsive.

  1. Every Remote Worker Needs a Printer
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While an ergonomic chair and even a desk may be redundant as your remote staff may already have a home office complete with these items, a home office printer is a must-have. Even if they currently have a printer that they use, supplying them with a company-owned model has definite benefits. For one thing, you then retain control over said equipment, ensuring that it is compatible with your company’s infrastructure and making both IT security, compliance, and even tech support easier and more successful.

  1. Consider Supplying Multi-Function Devices
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While most office workers need at least occasional access to copiers, fax machines, and scanners as well as printers, most home offices don’t have enough space to handle full-size stand-alone options of these machines. The answer? Consider supplying remote staff with a multi-function printer (MFP) that can perform all of these function in one smaller-footprint device.

Besides adding versatility and functionality to a remote work space, modern MFPs provide access control to lockdown your print environment, better security using authentication and authorization protocol, data protection function to erase sensitive materials, and a level of print visibility that will keep your budget under control.

  1. Don’t Forget the Computer

While many people have home desktop or laptop devices upon which they can work, supplying company-owned computers is a smarter option. Allowing employees to use their own devices removes control over how and when the device is used, as well as what data is saved, stored, and retrieved from the device. Purchasing work-only devices for remote staff gives you the opportunity to install leading-edge security and access control features for added protection against data theft and loss and greater peace of mind overall.

Let Doing Better Business Provide the Work from Home Essentials Your Remote Workforce Needs

Outfitting an entire remote or hybrid workforce can seem daunting, especially if you have few — or no— in-house IT resources.

At Doing Better Business, we understand the challenges faced by the ongoing trend toward developing teams of employees that work from their own home offices. For that reason, we have curated a wide range of printers, MFPs, scanners, copiers, and other office resources that can help you quickly and easily ensure your remote team is connected and productive.

Best of all, we also offer leading-edge Managed IT services to help you configure your infrastructure correctly to streamline communications among both in-house and remote staffs. Our team of IT professionals will work closely with you to determine which office essentials are right for your specific challenges and needs as well as provide assurance that data security is a priority to keep your sensitive information safe — and compliant.

Give your remote workforce the tools they need to be their most productive. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and discover how our suite of leading edge office equipment and Managed IT services can help your company master the art of remote work.

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