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The global COVID-19 pandemic drove many employees to work from home and customers to seek online services. Once busy offices and retail stores saw much less traffic than before the pandemic. Even as the world has opened up, some businesses are finding that physical traffic into their locations is still lagging.

Does this mean the age of physical businesses locations and signage is over? Absolutely not! In fact, the opposite is true. Signage still plays a very important role in marketing and there are increased roles for signage partially due to the pandemic.

As people begin to go back to their old shopping habits and return to do business in-person, it presents a unique opportunity for businesses to review their signage and ensure they are hitting the mark. In addition, businesses looking to begin producing their own signage with wide format printers can use some of the following ideas for inspiration.


As restrictions loosen or are completely lifted, people will increase the number of visits they make to physical business locations. Even though restrictions may have changed, there is still a pandemic and it’s important for businesses to properly direct customers, visitors, and staff to ensure the safety of everyone as well as adhere to local or state regulations.

Wide format printers can produce a wide range of signage from basic window or wall signs reminding customers of current rules like masking, for example. For areas that may experience lineups, floor decals can be printed to help remind customers to distance themselves while waiting and provide an easy visual cue for people to follow.

Even in areas where customers cannot see, safety signage is important. Whether the signage related to COVID-19 measures or just general safety; it’s always good to remind employees of duties and responsibilities. In doing so, businesses can help reduce incidents that may make employees feel unsafe at work or, even worse, result in them missing time due to illness or injury that could have been prevented.

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Wide format printers offer one of the most affordable ways to get a message across. Wide format printers offer on-demand printing of signage which makes it a flexible solution as well. As messaging changes, like with health and safety restrictions, new signage can affordably be produced to replace older, outdated signage.

There are also marketing opportunities for on-demand wide format printing. Everything from large posters to window decals can easily and affordably be produced. Since these marketing messages are shared using existing real estate in and around the business, the only cost input is the cost to produce the advertisement.

For businesses on a tight budget, signage can grab the attention of people outside the business or further inform people inside the business with the lowest initial expense. Compare this form of marketing with other types like bus benches, broadcast ads, digital ads, mailers, or other paid marketing solutions and it’s clear what is most affordable for businesses looking to make an impact.


Branding is one of the most important parts of running a business. Anyone can open a store or offer a service. Branding is what captures a potential customer’s attention initially, convinces them to visit, and ultimately leads to a sale. Of course, branding is nothing without great products, good staff, and amazing service. But without branding, none of those other factors get a chance to shine.

According to a recent study, 60% of businesses that updated their signage saw a 10% or more increase in sales. With many businesses struggling due to the pandemic, supply chain issues, hiring challenges, and other factors; a 10% increase in sales could be the boost that gets things back on track.

Signage captures the visual aspect of the human imagination and makes people want to spend money. It can help get people excited, drive traffic, and give businesses the chance to close more sales. Best of all, as mentioned, it is an affordable medium to choose when marketing on a budget.


A lot goes into a great marketing strategy. Signage is one of the basic pieces of the puzzle that can make a huge difference both inside and outside of a business. Whether it’s simply informing people about health and safety regulations or capturing their imagination to draw them inside; signage is still important in 2022.

To learn more about wide format printers and the wide range of signage that can be produced, contact the printing experts at Doing Better Business today.

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