The commercial real estate market is exploding, with prices skyrocketing as demand increases. For many businesses, this is not such a good thing, as it is accompanied by a high rate of inflation that is driving up lease prices. For that reason, many businesses are looking for ways to maximize or even reduce their current office space — a practice that often comes down to better inventory management.

Most businesses have a storeroom or supply room that is kept stocked with all the necessary office accessories, from reams of paper to ink and toner cartridges for myriad print devices. Depending on your business structure, supplies may be ordered by a centralized admin person who simply orders on a rotating basis, often keeping more supplies on hand than necessary to prevent machine downtime due to insufficient refills.

This outdated process is fast becoming replaced by technologies that allow for automated replenishment of critical supplies, allowing business to reclaim office space while ensuring productivity is kept at a maximum.

The Benefits of Automated Replenishment for Office Supplies

Smart businesses are taking advantage of new systems of automated supply replenishment to ensure business continuity and reduce reliance on an in-house “store” of supplies. A properly managed supply inventory would remove the need to use precious square footage for an overflow of supplies, but it would also solve several pressing problems, such as:

  1. Having the Right Supplies — When They Are Needed

Centralized supply ordering for a fleet of printers or office equipment often leads to an overabundance of one type of cartridge and a dearth of another since most printer fleets are often a mix of brands and models. Using print management software, each printer will use real-time data to analyze ink and toner levels and ensure that reorders happen at the appropriate time so that delivery coincides perfectly with actual need. A managed print system (MPS) will also ensure that the supplies delivered match the printer make and model so there is no worry over improper cartridges or machine downtime.

  1. Removing the Burden from Staff

Ordering supplies for printers often falls on office admin personnel, or even in-house IT staff, both of whom could be contributing more productivity to your business by focusing on mission critical tasks. Using a managed print solution will automate the task of supply replenishment, bypassing these essential personnel altogether so that they can use their talents to better serve your bottom line. Additionally, supply ordering often falls under that dreaded “other duties as assigned” line item and removing it will help to increase employee job satisfaction and reduce frustration.

  1. Machine Downtime

Speaking of frustration, nothing is more frustrating — or detrimental to business continuity — than machine downtime. Automating supply delivery will ensure that machines will never be out of order due to lack of ink or toner refills.

  1. Cost Issues

Ink and toner cartridges are notoriously expensive. However, when your business uses MPS to control supply replenishment, you don’t outlay excess capital keeping necessary supplies “on hand.” Plus, MPS provides all the goods and services you need for a vibrant, healthy print environment under one simple, easy to budget monthly payment. That means not only supplies, but also routine maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs are included so there are never any surprise charges on the books.

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Ready to Try It? Trust Doing Better Business for the Latest in MPS

Choosing a Managed Print partner or managed services provider (MSP) is an important step in taking your business to the next level of efficiency, productivity, and achievement. Using our leading-edge knowledge, we can help you develop a managed print environment that will save you money and help you streamline business processes — from automated workflows to automated supply replenishment.

Our expansive knowledge of the print and imaging industry combined with leading-edge technology can help you gain better control over your print environment through greater efficiency so that you can decrease print-related expenses without sacrificing performance or productivity.

Discover how a managed print solution can transform the way you do business. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and learn more about automated supply replenishment and the other benefits of our MPS program.

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