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Every company has a responsibility to the environment, and using sustainable printer ink can help with this eco obligation.

While it may seem like a small step, this is precisely what helps with business sustainability initiatives. Especially when the resource in question is used on a regular basis, switching to an option that’s healthier for the environment can provide compounding returns.

Not only can sustainable print supplies help companies reduce their environmental impact, but they also help them save money in the long run. These freed-up resources can be reinvested to make a company even more successful over time.


The journey toward being a sustainable business is ongoing, and it’s a marathon not a sprint. Rather than finding one or a few big changes to make, companies are better served looking at the cumulative impacts of their long-term decisions.

This is already observed in companies controlling their usage of lighting, HVAC, and water utilities. But it also goes for supply usage – namely in this case, print supplies. These types of supplies are some of the most commonly consumed by the office environment.

Many companies have print fleets with a dozen devices or more. Some have multiple fleets across their various locations, resulting in a lot of supply usage. Parts, paper, and most importantly, ink, represent a constant resource cost.

Imagine the ink used on thousands of printed sheets per day – then multiply that by five days a week, every week all year long. This is a big impact on the environment, even for smaller companies.

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When some professionals think about sustainability, they immediately think about cutting back. While it’s true that the goal is to reduce a company’s environmental impact, it isn’t always synonymous with losing productivity.

Business profitability and sustainability do not need to be at odds with one another. Sustainable printer ink is a proven way to make a print fleet much kinder to the environment. It also frees companies up to print without worry, as they know each sheet will come out at a lower cost to the planet.

There’s also the option to use managed print services to make print processes even more efficient. This setup provides unmatched transparency and control, giving insights into the usage of each device in a given fleet.

Companies can see how much ink is used, and calculate how usage could be reigned in. This allows for an accurate set of policies to be created governing supply and device usage. They can determine how much to cut ink usage so that it reduces waste without reducing productivity.

With managed print, it’s also possible to see how printers perform using different brands and types of sustainable ink. It shows that even with a clear goal like sustainability, there’s room for diverse options in terms of how to achieve it.


If there’s one topic that’s become more important for businesses over the past few years, it’s health. The wellness of workers and customers is a greater priority than ever. Even as the pandemic eased, companies have remained steadfast in their efforts to prioritize health.

But this doesn’t always mean implementing social distancing policies and personal protective equipment. It can also mean taking a closer look at the materials the company uses. Even if the materials don’t pose any serious risk to the immediate surroundings, the long-term implications of certain supplies pose health risks.

For example, some ink cartridges could end up being tossed into waste facilities, with the materials seeping into nearby bodies of water or into the ground. Even the materials the cartridges are made of can impact the environment, and thus impact the health of living beings.

When companies use sustainable printer ink, they show they’re concerned abut the wellbeing of the planet and of all of those who inhabit it.

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By using managed print services, companies can take serious steps toward being more sustainable. Greater transparency in a print fleet makes it easy to monitor devices, compare print supplies, and get real results in this important obligation.

Showing off these results can show a company’s commitment to the environment, and to health and wellness. Ready to make print processes an example of how serious your company takes its role as a dependable organization?

At Doing Better Business, we help companies do better at sustainability. Our managed print processes are highly valuable in reducing print fleet waste. When used in conjunction with sustainable printer ink and other eco-friendly print supplies, they’re a massive difference maker. Contact us to learn more.

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