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If you have an older multifunctional device or outdated  stand-alone desktop fax device you may be at risk. A standard telephone line is not encrypted and because an analog fax is really just a transmission of voice tones, an experienced hacker can actually listen in and decipher  the transmission.  

According to the Gemalto Breach Level Index, 2.6 Billion records were stolen and/or compromised in 2017. This is an increase of 88% from 2016. A whopping 72% of these breaches were from malicious outside attackers. 

Choosing a partner, especially one who is an Authorized Reseller and Service Provider, with a strong background in networking and security, is critical to helping you protect your environment from security breaches.

 Most manufacturers will only provide critical updates like firmware for seven years from the devices initial release date.  Since Windows 10 was released there have been over 35 updates. While not all of these updates may require a firmware update to your device, only an Authorized Service Provider will know about the update and have access to it.  Your Authorized Reseller will also be able to help you identify devices in your environment and more importantly, on your network, which contain unsecure processing features or are beyond their life.

Doing Better Business, Inc., is an Authorized Reseller and Service Provider for Ricoh (Savin & Lanier), Sharp, HP and Lexmark devices. The devices we provide eliminate the potential for unauthorized access via the fax line or the network. But it’s not just about the devices…Human error and carelessness also account for 27% of the breaches. We can work with your staff and provide training and education.

 Don’t resolve yourself to it’s only a matter of time before you experience a breach. 

Be proactive and choose a partner you can rely on to help you.  Contact us today for an assessment!

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