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As the news continues to report on the dire consequences of our changing climate, more people than ever understand that unless our out-of-control carbon emissions can be curbed, our planet and the way we live will be severely impacted. Not only has this knowledge spurred many consumers to change the way they work, live, and play to leave a lighter footprint on our world, but it has also created an expectation that the business world will also focus on the kind of sustainability that will help preserve our precious natural resources — and the health of our planet.

Modern consumers want to connect with brands that demonstrate commitment to sustainable processes and products through solid actions. In some industries, creating an environmentally friendly product may be simple. But what if your business is service-oriented or your product is not easily modified?

The answer is simpler than you think. Tackle e-waste in your office or business.

Tackling Sustainability by Reducing E-Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is a growing issue around the world. E-waste is comprised of business and consumer electronic equipment that is at the end of its useful life. The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Forum (WEEEF) found that in 2021, e-waste — which grows at a rate of up to 3% per year — totaled 57.4 million metric tons.

Not only does this incredible volume put a strain on overfilled landfill sites, but it also contributes to the distribution of hazardous and toxic chemicals and substances in our environment. Many e-waste products contain materials that do not break down quickly — or at all — in landfills, while others such as printer cartridges, cathode ray tubes from televisions, and others can leach toxic waste into soils and groundwater. To become more sustainable by reducing e-waste in your office or business, consider:

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  1. Educate Yourself — and Your Staff

Before your business makes a purchase of electronics — computers, printers, televisions, video equipment, etc. — educate buyers and decision-makers on what goes into each product you are considering for your business. Understanding which raw materials are used to manufacture the products you need can help you understand if the product will be harmful or beneficial at the end of the lifecycle.

  1. Look for Products That Are Environmentally Friendly

When it’s time to buy, look for products that are environmentally friendly or have features that help you reduce waste or conserve energy or other resources. Printers that offer ink and toner-conserving features such as draft modes or grayscale features, or ones that help you reduce paper usage by offering a preset duplexing feature are one example. Other office equipment such as copiers, scanners, fax machines and multi-function devices are also often equipped with features that are kinder to our environment.

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  1. Consider Purchasing Refurbished Products

Reuse is the highest form of conservation and sustainability because it keeps materials out of landfills and extends a product’s useful life. In addition, reuse uses less energy than recycling or creating new products and lowers the amount of pollution created during the manufacturing process. Today, there are many high-quality refurbished printers and other office equipment that not only performs as well as brand-new models, but also comes with warranties and performance guarantees. A refurbished printer provides the added bonus of saving your company money as well as showing your commitment to building sustainable business practices, as most refurbished models come with a much lower price tag than their brand-new counterparts.

Doing Better Business Has the Right Office Equipment for Your Needs

At Doing Better Business, we understand that the needs of small businesses are not the same as enterprise-level operations or even mid-sized organizations. That is why we partner with leaders in the print and imaging industry to offer the widest range of print solutions for the greatest level of productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Our suite of print devices and essential office equipment provides all the features you want and need — from data protection and better security to features that can help you create a more cost-effective and sustainable office environment. Whether your office staff is working on-site, remotely, or a mix of the two, we have the right equipment for your needs.

Get access to printers with the features that can help your office be more sustainable. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and explore our suite of efficient, cost-effective print devices today.

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