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Laser printers are office workhorses. They are exceptionally durable with duty cycles that can churn out mountains of pages for proposals, invoicing, marketing, and just about anything else you need faster and with steady reliability. Even today’s home offices can benefit from the addition of a laser printer, especially since there are some very low-profile models that will fit nicely into a smaller work area. Laser printers run using toner, which is more expensive initially than the ink used in inkjet printers, but over the long run, using toner can save you money.

With their speedy output and crisp, clear printing capabilities laser printers make the perfect choice for busy workspaces of all sizes, unless and until, of course, print quality begins to suffer.

There are many reasons why your laser printer’s print quality may be suffering. In this article, we explore some of the most common, and provide you with information that will help you resolve these issues and get your printer back to those clean, clear prints you need.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your laser printer is essential to keep dust and debris from collecting on moving parts and other components. Small particles of debris that enter the machine chassis can significantly interfere with the quality of your output. If you don’t have access to in-house IT assistance, partner with a third-party service provider to get your machines serviced routinely.

If you are removing toner cartridges from their original packaging for storage, you may be allowing humidity and temperature changes to affect the quality of the toner. In addition, toner cartridges should be stored carefully on a level surface as they are easily damaged by movement. For best results, consider opting for an automatic supply replenishment program that ships toner directly to your business exactly when you need it so there is no need to store or stockpile toner.

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Printer drivers go through many iterations as developers perfect their utility. While some printers may have an update feature that lets you know when a printer driver update is available, it is up to you to make the change. Typically, printer driver updates can assist your computer/printer communication, fix and software bugs, add features and capabilities, and correct problems with printing. Using outdated drivers can be a source of poor-quality prints and overall printing problems.

While it might be tempting to purchase thinner, cheaper “copy” type paper to use in your laser printer, over the long run this choice can cause you problems with print quality and even jamming and other mechanical issues. Laser printers are designed to use a specific thickness and type of paper due to their method of printing, which involved laying down a layer of toner and heat-setting it onto the paper.

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Printing speed affects color saturation. If your saturation is too high, consider raising the print speed. If the color seems faded on your printed output, lower the speed to increase the saturation. Typical print speeds for a laser printer range between five and twenty pages every minute.

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