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When you have a lot of correspondence to get out, batch printing can be a lifesaver. Batch printing is the ability for a user to print many documents at the same time, based on a pre-defined data set. This feature can greatly simplify the task of printing multiple document items and does not require constant oversight by the user, so they can attend to more mission-critical tasks.

And yet, so many people don’t know how to correctly set up a batch print operation, which can lead to frustration and abandonment of the technique. This article will help you understand the finer points of batch printing so you can achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity. Ready?

Batch Printing PDF Files

Typically, when you have many files to print, you must take the time to set up every file individually. Batch printing removes this need, and while the process itself is simple, you must be very specific when setting it up. It is easiest if you begin with a PDF. You can even convert Word documents, JPEGs, and other files into PDF files when necessary. Once you have your PDF documents ready, you can begin preparing for your batch print. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Choose a PDF Manager

You can use a paid program such as Adobe Acrobat or download a free version of Acrobat or choose one of the other freeware programs such as Wondershare’s pdfelement. You can also choose a Chrome extension that allows you to batch print.

  1. Prep Your Files — And Your Printer

First, make sure your printer’s ink levels are sufficient for the size of your print job and that paper is stocked. Doing so will ensure that once you press “Print”, you can move onto other tasks without having to babysit your printer.

Next, set up your batch print by dropping each file to be printed into a single folder that is labeled for clarity. You can use the file name or date for greater accuracy and accounting, especially if you batch print often. After you group your files in a folder you can print directly from the file or place the file into another program for your batch print. To print multiple files without opening each one, press Control + A to select up to 15 files. Have more than 15 you need to print? Click the first one, then hold Shift and click the last file. This will select them all.

  1. Print the Batch

Now, simply right click on your folder and choose the Print label from the options menu. This will open the Print Manager, where you can click Print All to send the job to the selected printer. This choice will print all the files you placed in a selected folder. If you have extra large files to print, you will have to be patient while they load.

If you don’t see a Print option, just open your PDF manager where you can batch print directly. For example, pdfelement has an option to Combine Files where you will be able to load your folder into the manager, click File, and the click Print.

Sometimes, you may want to batch print multiple attachments from an email message. To do this, click File, then Print, then Print Options. Then, check the box next to Print Attached Files. Click Print and your files are on their way!

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