Real estate document management represents one of the most serious challenges of the field.

While some people think it’s all about getting properties prepared, corresponding with clients, and managing legalities, the truth is that these processes are all connected.

Document management represents a foundational element of business that influences all the above processes, and countless more that the average real estate firm must manage. Many firms and agents are turning to managed services to manage their document processes more easily.

While many people would say real estate is all about property, those who have worked in it know it’s all about paperwork.

Documents are the building block of the workflows that real estate professionals go through on a daily basis. Think about the sheer number of documents that emerge from matters like:

  • Applications for renting or buying properties
  • Permits and regulatory matters related to properties
  • Contracts extended to potential buyers or renters
  • Checklists designed to ensure locations are ready for the market
  • Sales forms related to appraisals, bids, and closing procedures

These are just some of the document types that find their way into real estate companies. Document management systems make it easy to categorize, track, file, retrieve, and protect all of these forms and the countless others out there.

Just like it takes multiple talented people to physically build a home or business, it also requires the same approach to transact one.

Real estate is a field that’s based on collaboration. In addition to real estate professionals working with property owners, there are applicants, bankers, regulators, appraisers, investors, insurers, and other parties who are all involved in the field.

In order to work together with their partners effectively, real estate companies need the ability to smoothly share documents. Managed services support this process, allowing firms to address the extreme communication challenges they often face.

This smooth collaboration can lead to quicker closes, fewer legal hurdles, and an overall better reputation for agents and firms. When they prove they can get deals done quicker, customers will be more likely to work with them.

Speaking of closing deals quickly, timelines are another important topic in the real estate field. Whether it’s a hot property where bids come in every hour or a set of legal proceedings that must be done before a future owner can move in, many aspects of the field are on a tight schedule.

But this focus on being fast can’t be pursued at the expense of other aims. For example, customer privacy is also highly important in the real estate field. This is because it’s common for firms to hold some of the most personal and highly protected data points of a person, including:

  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social Security number
  • Income information
  • Credit score

These data points are pursued aggressively by cybercriminals in real estate. Luckily, real estate firms can safeguard all information and still work efficiently with managed services.

Document management systems can be outfitted with the latest security standards, so even when a firm is working rapidly with no time to waste, they will never put their customers’ information at risk so long as they follow the appropriate procedures.

Real estate is a highly competitive field. It’s not just the buyers and sellers who are driving for the best deal – the companies themselves are always working hard to be the top choice that customers turn to.

This means that it’s important to adopt technology that facilitates scalability. Real estate document management systems make it easy to organize documents so they can be managed, sorted, and protected. This structure allows them to grow without fear, and ensures their added business won’t become a burden.

Companies that have been bottlenecked by their manual or outdated document systems can see new growth potential by adopting options optimized for their industry and designed with today’s best features.

Doing Better Business understands the demands of the real estate field – we also know how to make document management a true value-driver for our customers.

When you call on us, you’ll have a trusted partner that empowers your goals through customized technology solutions. It’s a partnership that will enable you to work faster, more efficiently, and with greater security – all while pursuing steady growth without worry.

Contact us today to get the customized real estate document management solution you need – with our suite of hardware and software, you’ll have a business tech setup you can feel at home with.

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