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Replacing or adding a Multifunction Copier/Printer should be seamless if the proper steps are taken before scheduling the delivery.     

You can continue to read on or you can click HERE to watch a brief video by our Network Connectivity Specialist, Casey Ciavarella.

  • Schedule an on-site visit with your Business Relationship Manager.  If you are replacing a current device, you can review the current features and confirm with your staff which options are still necessary.  If there is a new device being placed, you can review the space limitations and still confirm required features with the actual device users.   The on-site visit should also confirm power and network connectivity availability.   Many larger devices require a  dedicated 20 or 30 amp wall socket, it is important to verify the correct power requirements prior to delivery.    
  • Before you sign any paperwork authorizing ordering of equipment and delivery, please be sure to verify the correct delivery address.   You will also want to verify all the correct options have been added for your device.   If you have any Mac users, you will need Adobe Postscript added if it is not a standard feature.   Other common forgotten options sometimes include fax capability, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), additional paper trays and finishing features like 2 or 3 hole punch.
  • After authorizing the order, you should be asked to fill out a network site survey by your business relationship manager. Some of the information on this survey is critical for  pre-programming the unit to instantly work on your network.  (Plug N Play)  Many of the questions involve network addresses, security, smtp password, and address books.  Whether you have an in-house or third party I.T., you will want to involve them in filling out this survey.  Remember, there is no such thing as too much information.
  • Upon scheduling delivery, you will want to make sure someone from I.T. is available either on-site or via telephone at that time.  
  • Finally, please make sure to note any steps, stairs or obstacles the delivery team may encounter so they can bring the necessary equipment and manpower.

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