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Your printer and copier are vital members of your team, silently supporting your entire team’s productivity. After your office printer is purchased and set up, you likely don’t think much about it until it stops working, at which point it disrupts your entire office and can have a negative impact your business’s bottom line. Printer and copier machines do need to be replaced and upgraded over time to sustain high-performance functionality and to keep up with new technology. Here are four key signs that your office is ready to upgrade your printer and copier.

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Have you been noticing more and more issues with your printer and copier? Oftentimes, one of the first signs of a necessary upgrade is the slowing down of your machine. If it’s starting to take longer to startup, connect to your network, or complete a standard print job, it can quickly impede the progress and efficiency of your team. You may also notice staff bottlenecks around your printer as employees run into printing errors and are spending extra time troubleshooting technical issues.

As your printer and copier get older, you may find yourself needing to call for maintenance support more frequently. Even if some of these issues are simply minor malfunctions, your team loses time and productivity waiting for the repairs to be completed — and that time adds up fast, along with the direct costs associated with it. While a new machine is a significant investment, it will save you time and money in the long run thanks to its increased reliability.

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If your company houses confidential information within its network, security should be a primary concern. What many companies don’t realize is that network-connected printers can often provide a quick, unsecured entrance into your private data. As data security has become increasingly important, office printers and copiers have started offering more advanced security features — features your old printer and copier likely don’t have.

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Whether your business is growing with the addition of new team members or serving new markets and customers, as businesses evolve, their printing needs often do, as well. A larger team will place more demand on the office printer and copier, which may increase the wear and tear on the machine. Additionally, you may need new printer features that you didn’t previously, such as the ability to handle new paper types or sizes or more customizable print settings. If your business has reached a point of rapid growth and needs to change its printing capabilities, it’s likely time to look for an upgraded machine.

It can be easy to delay upgrading your printer and copier machine due to cost or inconvenience, but older machines can delay your team and cost more in maintenance and repair costs. If you find your team struggling to maintain your printer and copier or you’re worried about data security, it’s time to upgrade your office’s equipment. Doing Better Business has the expertise to help upgrade your business to the printer and copier best-suited to the needs and infrastructure of your office. Contact our team today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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