While almost any industry can make use of increased productivity, better efficiency, and cost savings, for some industries that handle a high flow of data through paper-based documentation, even the smallest of changes can amount to a huge transformation in the way they conduct — and profit from — business.

Industries such as healthcare, education, and legal firms are driven by paperwork. In fact, there are often multiple documents for each client in their system, making it easy for bottlenecks and slowdowns to occur. These sticking points can result in increased waste, slow turnaround times, and even errors that can increase risk and reduce customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, managed print services (MPS), also called print management, can provide a way for these industries to move information sensibly, optimize their print environment for cost savings and efficiency, and keep their information more secure.

The Benefits of Print Management for Healthcare, Education, and Legal Services

Three of the industries most likely to gain advantages from an MPS environment are healthcare, education, and legal services. The reason? All these industries are paper-heavy businesses that handle a lot of sensitive data. They typically operate on tight budgets, and they are all fast-paced businesses that need the ability to scale quickly. The benefits of print management for organizations within these industries is measurable. Let’s take a quick look at some basic advantages for each industry:

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How Print Management Benefits Healthcare

HIPAA and HITECH have put new emphasis on the area of data privacy and protection and patient’s rights. The current economic environment is reducing healthcare budgets and forcing providers to find innovative ways to cut costs, adopt sustainable practices, and become more efficient. MPS can assist healthcare agencies with a digital transformation of their print environment, offering greater security and compliance for patient information through pull printing and increased security protocols such as multi factor authorization and access control.

In addition, routine maintenance can assist in printer uptime, reducing patient backlogs and appointment bottlenecks.

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How Print Management Benefits Education

Schools are practically synonymous with paper. From worksheets and tests to forms, bills, and applications, an educational organization prints large volumes of documents every day. An MPS solution can not only help to optimize this busy environment by right-sizing machines for specific areas and usage, but it can also help reduce waste by monitoring printer usage and using double-sided printing or draft printing to conserve supplies.

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How Print Management Benefits Legal Organizations

No matter how much e-signing goes on in the world, courts and law offices still sign and notarize important documents — and lots of them — on paper. And, because legal matters are by their very nature confidential, legal firms require a printing option that reduces the chance of information theft or loss and helps them stay compliant with myriad data privacy regulations. Plus, with automated supply replenishment, busy law offices don’t have to waste precious time submitting requisitions for supplies, tracking delivery, or waiting for supplies to show up. MPS ensures the correct supplies are on order at the correct time for increased productivity — and reduced frustration.

Doing Better Business Can Help You Unlock the Benefits of Print Management

At Doing Better Business, we have many clients across a number of industries that all have benefitted from the enhanced efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings that print management can bring to the table. But we agree, these three industries — healthcare, education, and legal services — can all benefit even more from the small investment in an MPS program.

Our MPS services will help amplify the productivity of your workplace through an optimized — yet scalable —print environment. We will assess your current infrastructure, integrate our MPS software with existing business applications, and look for ways to improve and optimize your business processes through automated workflows and other strategies. As always, we provide ongoing maintenance, services, and supply replenishment with the latest security protocols for optimal performance and data protection all rolled into one.

Be a leader in your industry with the simple, cost-effective addition of MPS services. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and explore how our print management offerings can transform your workplace.

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