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2020 was a challenging year for businesses and individuals alike. However, as the economy begins to open up completely across the nation in 2021, things are looking up. In fact, the global growth for 2021 is projected to be 5.6% which is a massive rebound from a difficult year. This presents a number of opportunities for businesses across all industries and there will be unprecedented need for printed materials.

Companies able to deliver on a surge in demand for these printed materials are uniquely situated to capitalize on seemingly endless growth opportunities throughout 2021 and beyond. Wide format printers are going to be an incredible tool in the proverbial tool belt for businesses this year. Here are some of the top growth opportunities for wide format printing in the coming months.


As the world emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are ready to open their doors completely and customers are ready to spend money. However, the pandemic is not fully in the rear-view mirror and there may still be rules and restrictions to follow. This will vary from state to state or even city to city. Plus, regardless of regulations, businesses are going to want to ensure their staff and customers feel safe on the premises.

What this means is that there will likely be a lot of interest in new graphics to help guide people stepping foot into a business about the safety rules and regulations. Everything from floor graphics to encourage distancing to posters outlining health recommendations will be in high demand. With a wide format printer, graphics of all shapes, sizes, and purposes can be printed on a huge range of different mediums to meet any need.

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After being locked up and missing out on everything from concerts to sporting events to new movie releases; people are surely ready to check out their favorite events once again. For event organizers, this pent-up excitement means huge potential to sell t-shirts, tote bags, hats, and pretty much anything else they can fit a logo onto. From an event goer perspective, this is an opportunity to spend some of the money that has been burning a hole in their pocket after cancelling untold events, vacations, and gatherings.

Print shops will surely be busy to keep up with demand generated by events looking for marketing materials, apparel, and more. Businesses that cut back on promotional items for staff or customers will also be looking to get back into their usual event calendar. This is great news for anyone that loves a commemorative t-shirt and even better for those in the printing business.


Businesses that experienced a slow down in 2020 are going to be looking to get back on track for 2021 and beyond. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with some good old-fashioned advertising. Unfortunately, many businesses have not survived the pandemic. Advertising is going to be an important way for reopening businesses to inform their customers about opening, special events, or even just to generate top-of-mind awareness.

Wide format printing offers businesses the ability to create stunning signage to capture the eyes and minds of potential customers. Who would have thought a vibrant sign declaring a restaurant was open again for indoor dining would get everyone so excited? Last year was a strange year and everyone is excited for some normalcy.

Of course, advertising doesn’t just have to be done externally. As businesses open up and welcome customers back, there may be new opportunities to do advertising within their location. Updates to signage like menu boards will be a popular choice for restaurants seeking a fresh look to start this new chapter off right.


2021 looks to be a banner year for wide format printing; pun intended. The massive drop in business activity seen in 2020 is already being replaced with excitement and fervor in 2021. Businesses and event planners will be looking to make a big splash and wide format printing can help them deliver on that goal. With the right wide format printers, the possibilities to be creative and make an impact for local businesses are endless.

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