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With post-pandemic disruption continuing across all industries, businesses are looking for ways to get more competitive — from reducing capital expenditures to improving office efficiency. In fact, anything that can help your business increase your return on investment can contribute to greater business success. Fortunately, there is a simple, cost-effective way you can improve workflow processes, increase efficiency, and help your staff collaborate more effectively for a better bottom line: Choosing a printer with the right printer software.

The idea that a printer can revolutionize your work environment almost seems too simple — and too good to be true. But it is easy to gain these benefits as long as you make the right choice of printer model. The key to choosing wisely is to gain a basic understanding of what benefits specific software can bring to the table. That is what this article is created to do — help you discover which printer software features might best serve your business.

Printer Software Features That Work Hard for Your Business

In the past, printer software was relatively basic, focusing on helping your machine or printer fleet perform the task for which you purchased it — generating high quality images. You might have had to choose a printer that focused on speed over one that focused on high volume output, or perhaps one that combined the best of both worlds, but that was about it. Now, advances in technology have resulted in task-specific software that is available with some leading printer brands. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most popular — and useful — printer software available on today’s leading-edge printer models.

Secure Printing Software

If your company handles sensitive documents or documents with any personal information, it is probable that you are required to be compliant with any number of data security and privacy laws. Leaders in the print and imaging industry, such as HP, have thoughtfully included printer software that helps you manage your print and document workflows with an eye toward security and waste reduction.

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For example, HP’s Secure Print provides a seamless print experience, regardless of whether staff is working from home or the office — and it tracks all print activity to monitor access. It can secure devices with enabled sign-ons, and make sure that no document is printed unless the authorized individual is at the machine to collect it.

Automated Workflows

Whether you are running a production print shop or a goods- and services-oriented business, you will want to accelerate efficiency wherever you can to save time and money. Several printer brands focus in on providing hard-working workflow automation software that can help optimize your investment, simplify IT management, and help your employees be more productive by automating manual tasks.

For instance, Sharp’s Open Systems Architecture (OSA) technology with integrated security features can help you create customized workflows using their printers of multifunction devices. Intuitive graphic-oriented user interfaces with customizable screens make it easy for end users to program devices that make document processing faster and simpler.

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Simplify Collaboration

With more businesses moving to a hybrid or remote work environment there is a growing need to ensure staff can collaborate with colleagues and clients, regardless of their geographic location. Innovative software that dovetails with printers, such as Sharp’s Synappx system can help turn your multifunction printers into collaborative powerhouses. Synappx even has a mobile version that helps employees scale their content to specific display sizes, scan documents on the go, and even release print jobs directly from their mobile phone or tablet.

Doing Better Has the Right Printer — and Software — for the Job

At Doing Better Business, we have partnered with leaders in the print and imaging industry to bring you the best — and brightest — innovative printer software solutions. We offer a full suite of optimized print products with features that help amplify productivity while keeping a close eye on security and data privacy concerns.

With leading-edge printer models from Sharp, Ricoh, and HP, we are uniquely positioned to provide your company with the printer or multifunction devices you need, loaded with software that will target efficiency and help your staff get more done — more quickly.

Outfit your business with printers that can transform the way you work. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and learn how our suite of printers and multifunction devices can amplify your business results today.

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