Pennsylvania Business Central set out to honor the people who make it happen in out community. Every day, all across our rich and diverse region, these dynamic individuals – the peo­ple with the vision, dedication and drive – are not only bringing goods and services, but envisioning, improving and setting a standard of excellence to which we can all aspire.


The impact a single individual can have a profound and lasting impact on their workplace, their community and the lives of those around them. The stories of these in­dividuals give us hope, inspiration and the motivation to raise our own stand­ard of excellence.

We are so excited and proud to not only have our CEO, Debra Dellaposta,  but also so many of our clients, our #dbbfamily in this list of honorees.  These individuals are not only leading their organizations but also are members of Chambers of Commerce, Rotary International and many other service organizations.  They make our world a better place.


In a year when supply-chain and labor shortages and inflation have in­tensified the lingering effects of the pandemic, the business leaders in our region have risen to the challenge.   Pennsylvania Business Central reached out to community leaders, local chambers of commerce and their loyal readers to identify this year’s honorees.   This year there is a full spectrum from the small entrepreneur to the CEO of a large corporation in the Top 100 People for 2022.  While each of these individuals is unique, you will find they share a dedication to hard work, dynamic leadership and the pur­suit of excellence.

You can read more about why Debra was selected Here.

Congratulations to all the honorees for 2022 and the difference they make for Central Pennsylvania.  You can read about all the honorees Here.

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