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Especially in fields like marketing and advertising, it’s crucial to overcome print management challenges.

Chances are that these functions will account for a great deal of a company’s print spend. This means prints can play a big role in profitability, if they’re handled properly.

The right managed print strategy can help companies print out stunning advertisements, gorgeous graphics, and informative PR materials – all with the goal of raising awareness to raise sales.

To ensure they get the most out of their print operations, companies need to examine the most common challenges in print management and learn what they can do to address them.

No matter the size of a company, they’re going to spend some time engaging in marketing and advertising. Here are some of the most common problems that can occur with managing print fleet operations efficiently.

For years, manual processes were the only type of processes a company could use with their print setup. But business technology has changed the game, creating smarter office hardware that can streamline many of the workflows regarding printing. Some of them include:

  • Determining which documents need to be printed
  • Carrying out the print process at a predetermined time
  • Performing scanning/faxing/copying work

Automatic processes are present in today’s advanced devices, which serve to save time in busy workplace environments. This can also free up employees for other more intricate tasks.

Don’t forget about ordering print supplies, scheduling maintenance, and considering upgrades – today’s devices can also provide timed alerts for all these issues, giving business owners even less to worry about with their print setups.

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Printers and other office devices are accessed by many different people. They process a variety of different information. They’re integral parts of a company’s workflows.

Because of this, they have a type of record associated with them. The record of what was printed, when, and by who is important to maintain. Not only does it create a sense of organization to prevent duplicate prints and keep processes on track, but it helps with security purposes.

Knowing who accessed a printer or device, and what information went through it, is vital for keeping information in the right hands and improving compliance in various industries. Managed services solve this issue by providing the transparency and control that owners need to keep track of their setups.

While some companies struggle because printers are too accessible, there’s another side to this type of issue. For some companies, their print management challenges are due to too little accessibility.

If people who need printer access can’t connect with devices in a timely manner, it can bottleneck productivity. These situations are becoming more prominent as work becomes more distributed, which is likely in situations such as:

  • Collaborative industries like healthcare, education, and law
  • Remote, hybrid, and asynchronous work environments
  • Organizations that have multiple interdependent facilities

Especially in marketing and advertising functions, where people like copywriters, designers, and managers work closely together, managed print services provide the collaborative environment and easy device access that keeps processes moving.

While limited device access can also impact and bottleneck productivity, so can limited functionality.

Promotional efforts often require more detailed print capabilities than the average device can provide. These needs come in the form of higher-quality paper with glossy finishes, larger prints for formats like posters, and more.

When companies upgrade their devices, they open themselves up to a wider selection of quality options, print sizes, substrate selections, and other choices. This also turns a print setup into a growth tool of sorts.

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The final and arguably most common of all print management challenges deals with cost.

Some companies are so focused on improving their print processes to improve their marketing and advertising operations that they end up overspending. Common money drains include:

  • Buying different (incompatible) products from different vendors
  • Purchasing models for newness, rather than useful features
  • Buying when leasing makes more sense

It’s important to remember that cost doesn’t equal value. Companies that invest in print management services can get the right combination of hardware, software, and support. This provides optimal value while also keeping prices affordable and profit potential high.

Print management challenges are there for every company, especially in areas like marketing and advertising. But the right print partner can help provide better quality prints for a better price.

Doing Better Business is the print industry expert that more companies turn to – to get started with print services that promote efficiency and affordability in your processes, contact us today.

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