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Why work with an Authorized Dealer?

What does it mean to be an Authorized Dealer and why you should not only care, but actually demand to work with one?

Authorized Dealers are required to make a significant financial investment                                                           

You are making an investment, whether purchasing or leasing, in devices which are meant to have a positive impact on your work environment.  No one invests in a multi-functional device just to admire how nice it looks in the office.  You want performance and quality to represent the high standards of your organization. You should demand to work with an organization which has invested in a brick and mortar, local office and warehouse who is required to stock Original Equipment Manufacturer parts, supplies and equipment.  Manufacturers, like Sharp, Ricoh, & Hewlett Packard (HP)  do not take authorizations lightly.  They require their dealers to maintain $250,000 minimum in parts and supplies, plus keep all of their technicians factory-trained and certified.   Make certain your working with an Authorized Dealer by getting proof. 


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Authorized Dealers have access to product and firmware updates.                                                                 

How often does Microsoft update with security patches?  Your MFP and printers are a potential source for malicious attacks if not properly set up and kept up to date with firmware patches.  

the reality of data breaches

Authorized Dealers can provide Manufacturer Warranty recourse.       

Sometimes you just end up with a lemon.  Only an Authorized Dealer has full access to the manufacturer’s warranty and can provide the assurance of maintaining your device to the manufacturer’s rated specifications or replacing the device.


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Authorized Dealers have access to Group Purchasing Organizations.                                                                               

There are countless Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO’s) today for virtually any type of business like non-profits, religious, education, government, healthcare, legal, manufacturing…  An Authorized Dealer can help you identify which group is the best for you so you can be assured of the best possible pricing on the market.  Many of these groups, like Ministry Resources, not only offer significant savings in office equipment, but access to a wide range of products and services your organization uses. 


Authorized Dealers provide the highest level of service.                                                                                                           

We are talking about several weeks of training per Field Service Technician each year.  In the case of Doing Better Business, we have two Certified Ricoh Trainers and one Certified Sharp Trainer on our team.  This means we are authorized by Ricoh and Sharp to provide training classes at our locations.  We are currently in the process of receiving HP certification for our trainers.  Every year, our technical team is required to pass certification exams and we must submit our customer survey results to our manufacturers to maintain our good standing. 

pros elite 100 the ultimate differentiation


Not only is Doing Better Business an Authorized Ricoh, Authorized Sharp Dealer, and Authorized HP Premier Partner, we have also achieved PROs Elite 100 Certification.  PROs is an independent third party expert who insures that office imaging customers can use PROs expertise to select the finest office imaging solutions provider almost anywhere in the United States and select international markets.

The PROs Elite 100 certification process demands that Doing Better Business participate in rigorous training, execute specific action plans, achieve the PROs benchmarks, and allow themselves to be audited on an ongoing basis for performance against over 100 critical benchmarks. Certification has to be earned every year. Dealers who achieved this certification, in the opinion of PROs, are the best servicing dealers in the United States.   Learn More about PROs



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