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The impact of managed print services in education can be felt by students, teachers, and administrators.

While it’s easy to overlook the impact that a print fleet has on an institution of learning, don’t forget that this falls into the category of education technology.

The right techs drive efficiency, which keeps facilities running smoother. This empowers students to learn and allows the staff to focus on their duties rather than processes like printing. Print management can solve many common problems like device complexity, spending issues, and security concerns.

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Print processes in educational institutions can be varied and come at a high volume. Printing out records, syllabi, assignments, reports, and other information is a constant need – along with other functions like scanning, faxing, and copying.

Educational institutions can be complex to work within when it comes to print management. This is because they may have multiple facilities within the same complex. They may also work with different organizations altogether, such as when students transfer from one to another.

The right print setup can provide valuable functions such as:

  • Improving accessibility for authorized personnel
  • Scheduling common print processes in advance
  • Automating supply refills, maintenance, and upgrades

With the proper approach to managed print services, education institutions can streamline one of their most common, if not the most common administrative processes of all. In doing this, they free up time as well as money.

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Speaking of money, this is one of the main concerns that schools and other educational facilities have. Whether their funding comes from taxpayers, private donors, or other sources, it’s vital to use it in the most efficient manner possible.

The cost of printing can add up fast. It’s easy to make common mistakes and overspend. Some of these errors include:

  • Buying products and services from different vendors, which results in compatibility issues
  • Upgrading for the sake of it, even if the additional features don’t provide extra value
  • Neglecting maintenance which can result in more costly repairs and replacement needs
  • Ordering too many supplies or ordering supplies that are overpriced

Managed print services in education can function as a huge cost saver – more importantly, they function as a value generator, by ensuring that all spending is optimized with the goal of balancing the institution’s objectives with its budget parameters.

While printers aren’t automatically better just because they have more features, the right features can have a big impact on performance.

Take wireless functionality. This feature can be highly valuable for distance learning and in facilities with decentralized layouts. Printers with improved ink and toner quality can result in more impressive-looking images, more cost savings, and even progress toward sustainability goals.

Printers that come with upgrade options open schools up to the latest educational technology, helping them stay current with the fast-paced innovations in this field.

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While accessibility, wireless functionality, and collaborative design are all highly sought-after qualities in a print system, there’s another concern that must be considered.

Device security has always been a concern at schools, especially with educational technology in the age of digital transformation. Given printers have become more connected over the past decade, it’s become more critical to consider protective functions.

The right print setup will offer control and transparency that administrators can utilize effectively. This can protect the documents that will go through these devices, such as:

  • Finance and payment information
  • Personal records for children and adults
  • Private data about school activities

The more secure a device is, the better it is for those who use it. Since schools must make sure they maintain strong device security in order to maintain good reputations, these devices function as strong investments for any facility in the education field.

Educational institutions have a lot to do when it comes to setting the conditions where learning can occur. Of all the equipment and technology these facilities need, print fleets are perhaps the most fundamental and vital of all.

Schools function in a very unique way when compared to other types of organizations. When a person is looking for print hardware, they need more than just the devices or even the software to go with them – they need partners who understand the field and have a track record of success.

Doing Better Business is a proven provider of technology services and hardware. We know what educational institutions need to succeed – when you’re looking for the optimal selection of hardware, software, and world-class support through managed services, contact us today.

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