Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword any longer: as our ecological situation grows direr, people are putting pressure on businesses to perform ethically, in an environmentally sustainable way. We’ve been doing better business by pursuing green initiatives from the start. Today, our focus on doing what’s good for the planet is part of what makes us one of the best office equipment dealers in the US.

At the core of sustainability is the mantra: reduce, reuse, recycle. Doing Better Business lives up to each of those through its business strategies, products, and services.

We are a certified partner in the Ricoh Eco Excellence Program, which recognizes and supports dealer commitment to meeting modern business challenges in a sustainable way. It is our genuine pleasure to help businesses not just profit, but support their people and create a positive impact on the planet.


Where possible, we encourage businesses to reduce the use of resources like paper, electricity and even gasoline. Reducing consumption is the only viable way of eliminating the carbon footprint of a business. We encourage this through:

  • Embracing digital workflows to use less office paper.
  • Installing monitoring and print management software to
    streamline printing.
  • Promoting energy-efficient office equipment which consumes
    fewer utilities.
  • Using remote service and repair wherever possible to keep cars
    off the road.
  • Purchasing fuel efficient vehicles for our fleet.
  • Adopting energy efficient lighting in each of our offices.

Reduction is about small changes with big impacts. These are changes which any business can adopt, and every office should.


It’s easier to reuse office supplies and equipment than you might think. The devices themselves, as well as all their parts, are built to last. Why not reuse them?

For example, the US uses 375 million toner cartridges each year. Each cartridge puts the equivalent of 10.6 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air with its production. Composed of metal and plastic, these cartridges are designed to withstand the rigors of the printer. However, their durability makes them equally difficult to break down in the landfill. Fortunately, however, the average cartridge can be reused four to six times.

There are many advantages to reusing consumables and equipment. We routinely find that:

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Remanufactured cartridges are cheaper but produce the same quality (and sometimes a higher yield!).

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Printers and other office devices can be refurbished and perform at the same high standards as the originals.

Where it’s not possible to reduce, we reuse. And we still deliver the same high-quality service to our clients.


Only 69 percent of paper materials are recycled in the US. Doing Better Business is helping to increase this number by supporting a robust recycling program in all of its offices. We are committed to recycling:

  • Cardboard and packaging materials.
  • Plastics and metals from used electronic equipment.
  • ALL brand toner cartridges.
  • Office paper waste.

Recycling isn’t time-consuming or burdensome. The right workflow and processes make recycling fit seamlessly into an environment.


People, Planet, Profit.

We believe that it’s possible to create a profitable and sustainable business which is good for people, the community and the environment.

Furthermore, many of the efforts we take to maintain a green office space produce cost savings which we then pass on to our customers. Sustainability isn’t just good for the planet. In the end, everyone benefits.

We also help companies develop green workflow processes and office technology solutions. Contact us today to get started with a sustainable office technology strategy that produces cost savings, a reduced carbon footprint and an increased commitment to environmental responsibility.

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