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Document Management

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Today’s businesses are striving to eliminate redundancies and bottlenecks in their processes while also improving accessibility and security of company information. Today, it’s not the size of an organization that matters. It’s about who has the quickest access to the most important information. Electronic filing and document management take valuable information and make it more useful by making it more accessible. All types of documents can be stored in one central document pool and made available any time, any place.

At Doing Better Business, our document management solutions are designed to organize, distribute, standardize, and control how documents are managed within your business environment and to ultimately streamline your business processes. Our suite of products provides a comprehensive combination of functionality and scalability to address the specific needs of organizations ranging from small companies to large, enterprise-wide installations.

The benefits of a DBB Document Management Solution include:

  • Increased Productivity and quick access to all of your organization’s documents around the clock, around the globe. Streamlined workflows and elimination of unnecessary bottlenecks or redundancy
  • Elimination of Lost, Damaged or Missing Files. Documents are always accessible and secure
  • Reducing your physical storage space by eliminating file rooms and cabinets which allow you to reclaim that expensive real estate for your core operations
  • Disaster Recovery, off-site backup and restore capability will protect your information from fire, flood, and other potentially catastrophic events
  • Compliance support which will assist you with legislative & regulatory acts such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Enhanced Security Access. Access to the file room no longer means access to every file. Audit trails and permission-based security allows you to review and limit document access to specified users in addition to restricting document changes, copying, printing and more by each individual user

Our DBB team  is available to help you learn more about how your business can benefit from Document Management services.


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