At Doing Better Business, we believe in transforming and improving your workflow by turning some of your current paper documents into digital documents. We recognize that many industries are still legally required to handle physical documents. With scanners and fax machines, companies in these industries can manage their document processes and archives more securely. Does your company handle a large number of physical and digital documents? Not only do we provide the most modern, safe and secure devices, but we also offer exciting cloud faxing solutions.

Scanning and Faxing for the 21st Century

While the world has raced on to focus on futuristic office solutions like cloud computing and optical document detection, scanning and faxing have quietly caught up with the times. In fact, both scanners and fax machines have advantages which purely digital documents do not. Namely, they can tie the physical and digital world of documents together. Doing Better Business helps companies manage their physical paperwork with scanning and faxing solutions that create:

Do Better Business with the Right Tools

We’re proud to partner with some of the best in the industry. When you choose to do better business with us, we’ll make sure you are equipped with a reliable, productivity-enhancing scanner or fax machine perfectly suited to your needs. Our partners include:

Why Choose Doing Better Business?

Having the right tools makes any job easier. We’re a women-owned, independent business dating back to 1973. We have established experience helping organizations develop best-in-class solutions for all of their document needs. We’ll work with you to transform your paper clutter into shareable digital data that is easily managed and tracked. You’ll enjoy:

Customer Service Excellence

Work with a company that is nationally recognized as one of the top independent office equipment and solutions dealers. Our team will not only meet your office’s needs but deliver a superior customer experience with every interaction.

Customer Service Commitment

Device Expertise

Our certified technicians and authorized dealer status mean that we know the devices we recommend.
We’ll not only recommend equipment which we know will meet your needs, but we’ll also help you get the most out of it.

Awards and Recognition

Long-Term Value

Our customer service doesn’t end when the transaction does. We’ll continue to deliver value by assisting you with anything you need to maintain uptime and maximize your productivity.


Deep Industry Knowledge

Few dealers can boast knowledge of office technology or its applications in specific industries like we can. We’ll take the time to understand your needs and your industry to deliver solutions which inspire better business.


Get Next Generation Scanning and Faxing Today

The workplace is becoming increasingly digital, and you need a solution for all that paper. With our scanning and faxing solutions, you can improve your document workflows and decrease your dependence on paper. Scanning and faxing help bridge the physical and digital aspects of your business. By leveraging the latest capabilities of both devices, you’ll be able to quickly find and manage the data you need.

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