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As the ongoing pandemic continues to cause widespread disruption, hackers are taking advantage of companies’ distraction to evolve new, harder hitting cyberattack strategies. New research shows that more than 50% of organizations are dealing with insider threats and the loss of privileged credentials, and 21% of individuals targeted by hackers consisted of engineers and developers.

Insider threats, which have increased by 47% in the last two years, are not the only problems faced by the architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. In 2020 alone, about one in six of these companies was subjected to a ransomware attack. Some vulnerabilities arose from the rapid migration of the engineering workforce to remote or hybrid work environments that left unintentional gaps in IT security. Additionally, the increasing usage of mobile devices to share, edit, and store information leaves engineering companies’ data under-secured.

One way engineering firms can protect data and reap additional benefits for their productivity and profitability is by harnessing the power of document management solutions (DMS).

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Document Management Solutions for Security — And More

A document management solution (DMS) is a multifaceted way for engineering firms and others in the AEC industry to not only bolster cybersecurity, but also to organize data and documentation for optimal productivity.

Pain Point Highlights for the AEC Industry

Engineering firms often have difficulty managing — and protecting — complex engineering documents and other information used in the project lifecycle. Companies often struggle with:

  • Difficulties managing documents across platforms and devices
  • Inadequate control over engineering drawings
  • Problems coordinating workflows and collaboration among teams
  • Outdated or incomplete work order data that contributes to project slowdowns
  • Low productivity

Of course, there are numerous other issues that may arise in regard to the handling of documents and information, not least of which is security.

How Document Management Solves Engineering Pain Points

A robust DMS can centralize your engineering firm’s important drawings and documents while optimizing — and automating — key business processes. This strategy gives your engineering staff the access they need to current, complete, and actionable information. Specifically, a DMS can help:

  • Implement efficient execution of work orders
  • Streamline the management of engineering drawings
  • Save time and money through digitized document and reduction of paper document storage needs
  • Improve collaboration through versioning control and authorized access across platforms and geographic locations
  • Facilitate the implementation of concurrent engineering projects
  • Increase security surrounding the sharing and storage of mission-critical documents.

A DMS is more than just a project facilitator, however. Digitizing your documents not only speeds up workflows and processes — it also increases security.

Document Management and Engineering Security

Strong DMS strategies include security protocols and protections along with disaster recovery strategies that are inherent in the document management software. A DMS typically provides the following security precautions:

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  • Automated deletions and backups with full audit tracking
  • Better compliance with data privacy regulations
  • Document annotation and redaction with versioning control to track changes
  • Role-based user permissions
  • Customizable access control elements that can be instantly changed according to needs
  • Multi Factor authentication for additional security
  • Data encryption
  • Redundant backups in the event of a disaster for business continuity

In addition to these value-added features, a DMS also removes reliance on paper-based documents to tighten security and reduce the possibility that proprietary or otherwise sensitive information can be physically removed from your workspace or destroyed via fire, flood, or other means.

Doing Better Business Can Help Lock Down Your Firm’s Engineering Documentation

Running an engineering firm is difficult, especially in these uncertain times. With the economy still reeling from the ongoing effects of the coronavirus pandemic, we know that it is important for business owners to keep productivity high, without making themselves a target for hackers. At Doing Better Business, we help companies in the AEC industry adopt document management solutions that help boost productivity and collaboration — even in new work situations like a remote or hybrid environment.

In addition, our DMS strategies are designed with security, compliance, and business continuity in mind. Our audit trails and permission-based security protocols provide a strong, secure framework for operation while our compliance elements help you stay compliant with current legislative and regulatory requirements. Finally, our DMS provide full offsite backup capabilities for fast data restoration in the event of a disaster or a breach.

Take control of your productivity — and your security. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and learn how our document management products can both serve and protect your firm.

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