A favorite culprit for paper jams is the actual paper.  Nothing is more frustrating for both customers to hear and service technicians to say ‘your paper is causing the issue’.  It seems too simple but it really is a very easy issue to resolve.Paper Jam

It is very logical to understand that a cheaper or recycled paper may cause some issues for your office equipment.  These products many times have a dust which builds up inside the device and can cause the paper to jam or misfeed. 

However, not all paper misfeeds are the result of poor paper.  Many times the performance of your copiers and printers will be affected by improper storage and handling of your paper. 

There are some easy and effective ways to help prevent misfeeds and paper jams in your office printers and copiers:

  1. Fan the paper before loading it into the copier or printer to reduce any build up of static electricity;
  2. Look for the arrow on the ream wrapper or package label.  This indicates which side of the paper should be face up when loaded into the copier or printer;
  3. Avoid storing paper on the floor or in humid areas.  Keep paper in its ream wrapped until needed.  This wrapper has a plastic moisture barrier to keep out the humidity;
  4. Keep paper flat when it is not in the paper tray.  Do not store it on its side or end.

Proper paper storage and handling will absolutely have a positive effect on your office equipment’s performance and enhance your office productivity.  

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