Doing Better Business began creating custom Printer Fleet Management programs in 2004 to help our clients measure, right-size, optimize, manage and constantly work towards improving business processes with the main emphasis on continual evolution towards a more paperless office.

One of our first major collaborations was with the Altoona Regional Health System (now part of UPMC).  The Health System included two campuses, two physician group practices (with 6 locations) and a home health agency with over 30 locations.  Our project included developing a campaign with all the department heads emphasizing sustainability and ease of use across the system.  We measured the costs of energy usage, as well as the costs associated with multiple purchase points.  After optimizing the fleet and streamlining business processes, we continued to monitor, measure and report utilizing our scorecard approach.

We submitted this  project and three years worth of data to the Managed Print Services Association and were honored to win the National Managed Print Services Provider of the Year in 2010.  Our program is still in place as of this article and has saved the Healthcare System over $2 million dollars.

2010 MPSA Award

Our collaboration with the Frederick County Public School District in Maryland, included a strategic plan along with a pilot project before rolling out district-wide.  As with a healthcare organization, there are many key decision-makers and influencers in a school district.  We worked with key individuals to develop the campaign focused on saving money which could then be utilized to provide a direct impact on student achievement.   The pilot project included six different schools for one year and concluded with a financial analysis by FCPS’ purchasing department of a projected savings of over $2.4 million dollars over a five year period.  Although the original financial analysis did not take into account “reduced paper usage over
time,” this phenomenon became evident when analyzing the usage in the pilot schools. The pilot
schools’ usage went down an average of 3.39%.   Managed Print Services – A Collaborative Project between Frederick County Public Schools and Doing Better Business was the winner of the 2015 Phillips Best Practice Award by ASBO (Association of School Business Officials).

In 2018, Stephen P. Starmer C.P.M., Purchasing Manager for Frederick County Public Schools was honored to receive the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Award.   If you would like read Steve’s submission for the Phillips Best Practice Award, Click HERE.  Our program continues to survey end users, measure results, recommend best practices to not only continue to reduce paper usage, but to use electronic communications and documentation which will continue to impact student achievement, and report success stories through the use of the FCPS intranet.


Managed print services are one strategy which many businesses employ to streamline their print environment.  For large, multiple campus organizations, the benefits which such services deliver are substantial. Our award-winning Managed Print Services program will create numerous opportunities to reduce operating expenses and time spent dealing with printers. This creates opportunities for savings, efficiency, and business growth.

Doing Better Business has 47 years of experience helping businesses large and small refine their processes and workflow. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can help you succeed. 

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