Healthcare represents one of the fastest changing industries in terms of technology and processes. Today’s hospitals, clinics, and organizations must balance the needs of their patients with the demand to remain competitive in the market. However, as healthcare technology continues to transform the industry, many of its core functions remain on paper.

As patients’ expectations continue to rise, healthcare organizations face greater challenges navigating this unique landscape as they strive to deliver top-quality care. From maintaining a flawless network infrastructure to integrating the many workflow processes a single office might require, healthcare organizations must perform internally as well as they do for their patients.

Doing Better Business excels at understanding the needs of healthcare organizations and offers a plethora of managed services and office equipment to ensure your ability to handle any situation.

Common Challenges

Healthcare organizations operate in an unusual environment. They’re one of the few industries which deliver such tangible value to the public – yet they’re beholden to the pressures of remaining financially solvent. This has given rise to many challenges, including:

How We Help Healthcare Organizations Do Better Business

We have been providing office equipment, printers services and managed services for businesses since 1973 and we’re one of the few dealers which have the depth of knowledge needed to address these challenges. We help organizations better serve their patients by supporting the transition to modern healthcare technology.

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Better Security

Whether implementing stronger access control through managed services or making sure that your document management is airtight, we eliminate the common (and not so common) blind spots that compromise a healthcare organization’s security. Our team of experts will analyze your environment and workflow to help identify areas where we can take your security to the next level.

Managed IT Services
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Managed Print Services

Healthcare organizations have more demanding print environments than many other industries. We keep that environment functioning flawlessly by providing office equipment deployed in just the right way. Our managed services ensure that things like inventory tracking and toner replenishment don’t get in the way of your productivity. We streamline the entire print environment to help reduce costs and control expenditures.

Managed Print Services
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Maximize Uptime, With Managed Services

Maximizing uptime is critical in healthcare when downtime means delays for patients. Keeping a web of infrastructure functioning is a full-time job – fortunately, we specialize in exactly that. We help healthcare organizations transition to digital and keep that digital infrastructure online as much as possible. Our team of experts looks after managing the network so your staff can focus on managing their own work.

Document Management

Doing Better Business Empowers Doctors to
Support Patients

Doing Better Business has a deep understanding of the unique needs faced by healthcare organizations. We work with both independent startups and established enterprises to transform business processes to keep up with patient and industry demands. Whether you need to upgrade your office equipment or refine your workflow, we’ve got what it takes to help you do better business and deliver better care.

Doing Better Business is thrilled to serve healthcare organizations in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Virginia. Reach out to a local office today to start a conversation about healthcare technology and printer services.

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