Important Notice

For anyone using the free Google SMTP service on your (MFP) copier.

How do you know if you have this issue?

1. You or your staff can check the settings with the attached instructions. Or

2. You can have a DBB service technician address this issue (charges will apply for customers without a CopyPack+ contract). You may also be able to aquire CopyPack+ level at this time.

Google will be discontinuing its support of “Use Less Secure Apps” in its SMTP service, starting May 30, 2022. When this happens, any MFP that is using the free Google SMTP service will stop sending emails. This is the article from Google:

Here are your options:

Option #1 – You will need to switch the MFPs to use an App Password or switch the Google account to use SMTP Relay services from Google.

The App Password setup is here:

Option #2 – Use the SMTP Relay services from Google. That setup is here:

This function is only available with paid Google subscriptions.

Doing Better Business has no control over configurational changes by Google, charges may apply.

Option #3Doing Better Business has created a SMTP service to eliminate any future Scan to Email issues. For a small monthly fee, Doing Better Business will provide a SMTP relay and ensure your Scan to Email service stays functional.

Please contact your BRM for additional information.