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Finding the Right Printer For Your Small Business


Finding the Right Printer

If you have a small business, then you probably already know how many of today’s popular business solutions are designed pretty narrowly for bigger companies. They may say “one size fits all,” but what works for a business Goliath isn’t going to help you reach your unique goals–and the same is true when it comes to choosing printers. You don’t have a “one size fits all” company, so why use a “one size fits all” printer?

How to Choose

Our Business Relationship Managers know that choosing the right printer is kind of like matchmaking: you have to decide what your goals are and then find a device with features designed to help you achieve those unique goals. Of course, that’s easier said than done. To make sure that you end up with the right printer for your small business–so that you cut down on wasted time, money, and stress without spending too much–our experts suggest asking these questions.

What do you need the printer to do?

It seems like a simple question, but it can make a huge difference. The thing about small businesses is that they all have different needs and goals, so there’s no single printer that fits everyone’s desires; instead, you need to consider the kinds of print jobs you do most often, what speed and quality you need, and what features are actually useful to you.

How often will you use it?

If you hardly ever use your printer, then it might be smart to get something cheaper with fewer features–but if you’re making prints left and right, you don’t want something that’s going to slow you down or cost you too much. Make sure you do your homework so you can strike the proper balance.

Will it play nice with your computers?

You don’t want to bring a printer into an established tech environment only to find out that it’s somehow not compatible with anything at all. Know how your printer will connect to your computers, whether wirelessly or with a cable, and make sure everything will work.

If you’re looking for the perfect printer for your small business, our experts are ready to play matchmaker. Contact us today!

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