Technology and education have always been at odds with one another. While blackboards may no longer be commonplace, American schools still struggle to adopt extensive technology for instruction and sometimes even their own administration.

Education institutions at every level need access to functioning printers, robust IT infrastructure, and technology in the classroom. It’s as much a matter of remaining competitive and viable in the education market as it is properly serving and preparing students for the future. Doing Better Business works with education institutions to bring the next generation of education technology into the classroom in order to support that future.

Challenges in Modern Education

Education technology can be controversial. However, schools are facing numerous challenges when implementing it, including:

How Doing Better Business Supports Educational Institutions

Schools need technology to function the best. Whether in the administrative office or the classroom, the right combination of office equipment and managed services enables smoother processes which benefit teachers, staff, and students. Here’s how we can help.

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Copiers Printers & MFPs

Printers and copiers represent a significant investment for any school so, choosing the best office equipment for educational institutions is important. Today’s modern printers run the gamut of simple, monochrome devices, to specialized powerhouses with experimental inks. Putting functionality first, we help offices, departments, and institutions choose what they need to best serve their staff and students. The right office equipment can drastically improve efficiency and at Doing Better Business we have the correct devices for your educational institution. We carry all the major brands including, Canon, Ricoh, HP, Sharp, Toshiba and Fujitsu.

Copiers Printers and MFPs
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Managed Print Services

Staying on top of a print environment is hard. With our managed print services, it’s not. We make sure that a print environment always has what it needs: Printers, copiers, supplies, maintenance, security, and more. We’ll also assist with print tracking, printer services and initiatives like PaperCut to help you reduce paper waste. Finally, say goodbye to waiting for your supply specialist to run to the store to buy new toner. We’ll take care of all of that before you notice you’re out.

Managed Print Services
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Document Management Services

Schools handle tremendous amounts of documents. Our document management service ensures they’re handled right. Whether you need to move physical documents to cloud storage or need a better way to collate and organize your records, we can help make sure your documents stay organized, efficient,
and secure.

Document Management
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Managed IT Services

The robust IT infrastructure which most schools need may be precluded by their budget. Managed IT services sidestep that by introducing hybrid cloud solutions and introducing your institution to qualified local vendors. These strategies help keep a school within its budget while making sure it has the capabilities
it needs.

Managed It Services
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Interactive Whiteboards

What better way to engage students than with more powerful visual communications? Interactive whiteboards are the next generation of teaching, allowing students to interact with lessons in new and meaningful ways. Doing Better Business is pleased to work with Sharp and Ricoh to bring schools the latest in this technology.

Interactive Whiteboards

Get the Next Generation of Education Technology Today

Technology permeates our world, and for schools that reality is no different. From the principal’s office to the science lab, schools need access to technology. They must remain functional in today’s world to better prepare students for the future.

Doing Better Business works with schools at every level to bring affordable, effective technology into the classroom. Contact us today to learn more about our printer services.

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