From day one, we set out with a vision to build a creative, empowered, customer-focused family of employees who saw beyond simply making sales and constructing workflows. Our emphasis on the customer experience permeates every level of our culture and collective work ethic. We love what we do, and we show it.

To demonstrate our customer service commitment, Doing Better Business has enthusiastically pursued the PROs Elite 100 certification for the past several years. This yearly examination and certification process keeps us on our toes and among the best. Here’s what that certification is, what it means, and how it supports our promise to help you do better business by delivering unparalleled customer service.

Proudly PROs Elite 100 Certified

PROs Elite 100 represents the highest benchmark standard for independent dealers in the office imaging industry. Each year, PROs Elite 100 selects three to five dealers with the top scores across a series of criteria from a pool of several hundred independent dealers in the United States. The criteria emphasize the delivery of world class customer service, employee training requirements, plus specific workflow and process improvements, as well as a track record for supporting customer experiences following the sale or completion of a service.

The PROs Elite 100 certification is tough to achieve and must be earned each year – we’ve pledged internally to retain this certification. Earning and maintaining the certification requires a significant investment on our part including regular auditing by a PROs executive team with ongoing access to our servicing performance data.

What Partnering with a PROs Elite 100 Dealer Means For Your Organization

Not every dealer achieves the PROs Elite 100 certification. Many excellent dealers choose not to participate due to the intensive process and investment required to achieve it. However, working with a PROs Elite 100 certified dealer means:

Doing Better Business Means Being Better People

When Ann and Vincent Dellaposta started World Processing Services (WPS) in 1973, they quickly realized that the true mark of a company wasn’t how well the initial sale met a customer’s needs. Doing better business meant developing long-term relationships with clients which enriched both them and the company. It’s this philosophy which drove WPS – and then Doing Better Business – to success. Today, we’ve acquired six locations, assembling a team of over 100 knowledgeable, driven, and talented people. Our people-focused approach empowers our family of employees to deliver the best possible experience for our customers. In turn, everyone does better.

Excellence Is Intentional

Working with a PROs Elite 100 certified dealer means that a third-party organization has recognized and commended our ongoing guarantee to customer service excellence. We deliver top-quality results, equipment, and customer experience which continues to provide value long after the sale. Our commitment propels both our team and our customers to new levels of success. We help you do better business by empowering you with the experiences you need to succeed.