Instant anywhere/anytime remote business collaboration & video conferencing solution

Introducing the Ricoh IWB D2200 & D3210BK – the world’s first totally self-contained portable interactive whiteboard & video conferencing solutions.

Interactive White Board Technology can change the way you communicate.

  • Eliminate travel costs and shipping expenses while speeding up decision making!
  • Reduce meeting space and scheduling issues while eliminating webex costs!
  • Eliminate confusion and errors from lack of visual confirmation!

Between July 1, 2020 and September 15, 2020, if you receive a demonstration on the Ricoh IWB D3210BK either in our office or yours, you will receive an entry to win a Ricoh IWB D2200 for FREE*!

The Ricoh IWB D2200 & D3210BK are perfect for:

  • small groups because it can be used upright or laying flat on a table,
  • portable demonstrations and trainings,
  • offices without a fixed conference room space,
  • temporary events like trade shows, conventions and sporting events.

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*Drawing will take place before September 30, 2020.