Like any industry, legal firms are working hard to remain competitive in an ever-changing — and more demanding — marketplace. Choosing the right office technology can make the difference between firms that are stellar at satisfying clients; conducting better, faster, more accurate research, and creating bottom line results that matter — and those that fade away into obscurity.

However, there are so many tech choices that it can be mind boggling to choose the ones that will provide the most benefit and the highest rate of return on your investment, particularly now that many firms have switched to a hybrid or remote work environment. To help, we have curated our favorite tech solutions that are designed to meet the needs of busy law offices and keep your firm running smoothly, regardless of marketplace disruptions.

Did you know that most lawyers are currently spending only 1.6 hours every day performing billable work? Administrative work is taking up about 48% of the rest of the time, with other duties filling in the gaps. Streamlining administrative tasks such as dealing with technology, collections, invoicing, and even looking for necessary documents can make a huge impact in the productivity and billable work your legal office can produce.

While bells-and-whistles equipment can be exciting, some of our favorite tech is designed to automate time-consuming task, integrate systems for seamless operation, help staff collaborate with one another and with clients and outside sources, and provide a platform for better, faster, secure access to critical information, regardless of staff location.

Getting control over paper information is critical for faster, more efficient case resolution and customer care. But any technology that deals with the kind of sensitive information often handled by legal firms must be created with safety and compliance in mind. Document management systems (DMS) are designed to offer law office ways to assemble and manage documents in a digital environment while paying strict attention to security.

Using a DMS, your firm can easily scan paper documents ranging from client intake information and invoices to case-specific legal documents to make them easy to find at a moment’s notice — without sacrificing data security. A DMS allows your team to set up a searchable structure that makes sense within the confines of how they work — allowing documents to be found by author, date, client, case, or any number of searchable terms, including keywords.

The perfect adjunct to document management, managed print software (MPS) can streamline your print environment with the same strong security your office requires for compliance with data privacy and protection legislation. With features such as pull printing, you can have the peace of mind that sensitive documents will not be sitting in a print tray for anyone to access. Strict access controls and print output that is only available when authorized personnel are at the printer to collect the document in question are just a few of the security-focused features of a strong MPS program.

In addition, an MPS program brings added benefits to your firm by allowing visibility into your print environment so you can understand — and control — your print spend to stay within budget parameters. Features such as automated supply replenishment can increase savings by reducing the need to source and store supplies ahead of time and by ensuring increased machine uptime.

Reducing inefficiencies and increasing profitability is the name of the game for law firms that want to step out in front of the competition. To do this effectively, most firms require a suite of office tools that can help manage productivity, collaboration, access, and organization. But they must also be focused on security and data protection to be truly useful.

At Doing Better Business, our team of industry experts has curated leading-edge office technology that will help your staff focus on building billable hours by streamlining and optimizing administrative and daily tasks for optima efficiency. Our print and document management programs are the perfect way to get started with efficiency-based technology that can affect your bottom line in a positive way.

Learn more about the significant benefits our document and print management solutions can offer your legal office. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business today for more information.

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