AutoTECH Device Monitoring for Managed Print Services

“The DBB AutoTech program is very easy and convenient; we never have to worry about running out of toner again.  We no longer need to have a person check the copiers (or log into the system) to see if toner is low or have an employee in a panic saying “we are out of toner” and there is not a spare on the shelf.  This program automatically places the order for the toner before the toner cartridge is empty.

We are a relatively new customer to Doing Better Business and cannot say enough good things about the company and also our Business Relationship Manager, Ryan Burchill.  Ryan is very dedicated and follows up throughout the year to touch base with us to see if we are satisfied with the equipment and performs a quarterly system review.  He is willing to work with us to make sure we choose a system that fits into our everyday needs and suggests where we can further reduce our costs.”

Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania

AutoTECH’s Features

Automated Toner Replenishment

Once the toner runs low in any specific device, AutoTECH will notify Doing Better Business and new supplies ship without any user intervention. It saves the company time and prevents any devices from running dry.

Automated Service Scheduling

Once a device reaches the necessary duty cycle, AutoTECH will automatically schedule the required service with DBB, without any action required by the company’s staff.

Automated Metering and Monitoring

AutoTECH keeps track of every page printed and automatically sends the information through to DBB. When devices go down, Doing Better Business will know the company needs a printer repair to be scheduled.

Automated Scalability

With the ability to manage a single device or an entire fleet of printers and copiers, AutoTECH will scale with your business, allowing your company to grow effortlessly.

Hands-free Managed Services and Copier Repair

As a DBB customer, companies have access to AutoTECH software at no extra cost. Simply enroll today and let the software monitor your entire networked infrastructure. With staff no longer required to manage the ins and outs of the printers and copiers, they are free to focus on their core tasks and meet the business’s mission-critical goals.


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